The Perfect Summer Tan with Puretan


Wearing my Rapid Tan from Puretan

Today I’m feeling good! After a huge week, moving house and a whole lot of work I was feeling thoroughly exhausted and a little pasty. Late yesterday afternoon I had a shower, washed my hair, put a face mask on and then gave myself a head to toe tan. All in an attempt to feel (and look) a little better….. And today I am brown as a berry! Actually … about an hour and a half after I applied the tan I was brown as a berry!

As I do with everything I review I thoroughly tested out Rapid Tan by Puretan over the past two weeks, in fact it wasn’t just this product- I tested out the whole range. And what a beautiful range it is!

It all started with my trip to China, it was freezing! And I knew my legs and arms would be covered up but I needed my face to have a bit of colour, so each morning in the lead up and during the trip I used Puretan Face Tan, which works as a dual moisturiser and a gradual tanning lotion. The result was that my face had a really nice colour during the entire trip, even though I hadn’t seen any sun! It also acted as a great lightweight moisturiser which was a perfect base for make-up.


Puretan Gradual Tan $17.95 and Face Tan $19.95 both contain cold pressed coconut oil.

The other product which has been an absolute saviour is Rapid Tan! It’s so typical of me to realise I have an event on and I need a tan but I’ve left it too late with just hours to spare. Rapid tan is THE perfect tan for busy people! It will develop into a beautiful deep colour i just one hour! NO biscuity smell, no dry skin, no uneven blotchy texture…. The tan is perfect! Rich and creamy in texture, lightweight, and easily absorbed. It ticks all the boxes! It’s recommended to leave on for 1-3 hours depending on the desired colour, I left it on for just an hour and a half and the colour was great! This is the first tan of it’s type on the Australian market and I’m sure it will be a very popular option for busy women.


Rapid Tan by Puretan $32.95


The Puretan range


Puretan Dark Tanning Lotion $29.95. This is the original tan from Puretan and can be left on for anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours depending on what depth of colour you prefer. Again this tan is a beautiful natural brown colour and has instant bronzers for instant colour on application.


Puretan also do some amazing body products all which contain their organic cold pressed coconut oil. The body cream is to die for and is seriously my absolute favourite body moisturiser!

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