The Mixing Pot

In my latest beauty story we hand picked the most notable current beauty trends and threw them in the mixing pot with artistic inspiration from two of history’s most influential artists.

Bold lashes and brows, crystal clear skin and rich pigments are the elements of a make-up look that are trending today. Yet seeing the same trends done over and over again become boring- make-up is about expressing yourself, it should be seen as an art, and not as a uniform. In this story we embrace what is old, and what is new in the art of make-up. We mix modern day beauty trends with abstract lines, shapes and colours inspired by 19th century artists Kandinksy and Miro.

Kandinsky v Miro

Both wearing One Fell Swoop Dresses

(L) wearing Rag and Bone trainers, Mania Mania ring,

(R) Mania Mania Earring and Lime Drop LED trainers.Kandinsky v Miro

Photo 31-03-2016, 5 03 49 PMKandinsky v MiroPhoto 5-04-2016, 10 40 41 AM copyPhoto 31-03-2016, 4 42 53 PMKandinsky v Miro



Burberry Bright Glow Foundation, MAC Zoom Lash Mascara,

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Illuminate and MAC ‘Morange’ Lipstick.

Photo 31-03-2016, 5 15 14 PM

Both wearing Country Road men’s shirts,

Zimmerman Bikini bottoms and Zhivago Earring.

Kandinsky v MiroKandinsky v MiroPhoto 1-04-2016, 11 44 18 AMPhoto 1-04-2016, 11 56 52 AMKandinsky v Miro


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Charlotte Tillbury Luxury Palette ‘The Glamour Muse’, MAC ‘Gossamer Wing’ Lipstick,

MAC Eye Brow Pencil, Australis Metallix Cream Eye Shadow in ‘Plum Diddy’.

Kandinsky v Miro

Wearing Jean Paul Gaultier for Target Pinafore, Monster Alphabet skirt

Susan Driver Earring and Fallen Broken St Hat.

Photo 1-04-2016, 12 09 38 PMKandinsky v Miro

(Left) Wearing Jean Paul Gaultier for Target Denim Jacket,

Bardot Leotard, Susan Driver Designs Earring, Fallen Broken St Hat.

PHOTOS- Cybele Malinowski

MAKE-UP- Bonnie Gillies

HAIR- Rhys Nahuysen using O&M.

STYLING- Marnie Skillings

ASSISTANTS- Sophie Howe & Isabella Pizzuto


Amelia Zadro @CHIC

Laura Evans @ IMG

Illustration- Bonnie Gillies