The Low Down on Makeup Setting Sprays

Setting sprays only came known to me in the past year or so, but boy am I glad I invested in one. At least 90% of people who wear makeup look for one of the same components in a product, either the look or the longevity. I mean there really is nothing worse then being at a special event and worrying if your bronzer or blush needs touching up.

So what is a setting spray? The name really speaks for itself. It’s much like hairspray for your face, and with a few spritzes of the spray, it’s made to lock all your makeup in place, making it last longer than usual, whilst giving off a fresh and flawless look.

Having a setting spray in your makeup kit is generally all about personal preference. For me, I usually only like to set my face with a spray on special occasions such as going out on the weekend or going out for dinner or a special event.

I also like to spray some setting spray if my makeup is feeling super matte and dry – I feel like some setting sprays give a refreshed look and feel to the face, so this definitely comes in handy.

To apply your makeup setting spray, wait until all steps of your makeup routine are finished. Or sometimes I like to do it before I apply my mascara as some setting sprays may cause it to run if you are looking in the wrong direction, and somehow spray too much (which can 80% of the time be the case for me, setting spray is my weakness).

Hold the spray approximately 15-20cms away from your face and spray it about 3 times – on the sides of your face and one in the middle. This should be enough to evenly spray the face, without overdoing it.

Although I haven’t trialled many setting sprays, I have found 3 that I honestly feel set my makeup into place whilst adding a radiant glow and fresh feel to my finished makeup look. My top 3 are:


URBAN DECAY All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, $49.00

This is my number one, you can literally feel it grabbing onto your makeup and locking it in place.

NYX Make Up Matte Setting Spray, $14.95

As I generally get quite oily throughout the day, this spray is designed to keep your makeup matte and in tact for longer. For $14.95 I put this spray in second place.

Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Spray, $22.00

Coming in many different flavours, not only does it make you smell like fruity heaven scent but also does hold your makeup in place. Double whammy.