The Love List

This months LOVE list features 6 products I am absolutely LOVING!


Nars Contour Blush $62 is a beautiful matte blush compact with two shades of powder in it. The darker shade is to define and sculpt the hollows of the cheekbones and the lighter colour is to highlight the cheekbone. I love that it looks completely natural on the skin, yet gives a beautiful sculpted effect. Shop HERE

j-humidityblocker copy

Joico Humidity Blocker $17.99 is a lightweight spray that protects the hair from the effects of humidity. I’ve had this stuff close by at all times since I first tried it! It was almost impossible to keep my hair smooth before using this, but now my hair stays perfectly styled even through rain and drizzle! Available HERE


Ciate Tweed Collection Nail Polish $20. This new Tweed Collection from Ciate has some absolutely stunning nail enamels in it. These two are my favourites, they are both clear polish filled with shimmer and glitter. Unlike other glitter polishes these two are jammed packed with glitter particles, so with every brush stroke your nails get a showering of BLING! Available HERE May 25TH 2014


 Kardashian Beauty is finally available here in Australia! And I must say I am absolutely loving this Mascara… Quickie Mascara $17.95  is a black volumising mascara that glides on smoothly and gives dramatic volume to the lashes. Available HERE


Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream $73 is a beautiful medium weight moisturiser that that supremely hydrates the skin without weighing it down. It helps to combat dry skin and the signs of premature ageing. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins it is nourishing  and repairing and leaves the skin feeling great. BUY ONLINE HERE


Fudge Detox Shampoo $19.95 has been a great option for me. It easily washes away product build up, which I’ve found other shampoos can struggle to do. It leaves your hair feeling super clean and shiny without stripping any essential nutrients. This means no matter how dirty, or how much product you have in your hair you will only need to shampoo once for a really thorough clean. Buy online HERE