The Invincible Manicure! Say Hello to Shellac – CND

Shellac is the latest in Nail Technology. A manicure that last 4 weeks without chipping or flaking, without and damage to your nails.

I recently started getting my nails shellac’d. The idea of a manicure that wont chip or flake sounded too good to be true. I am terrible with nails, i paint them and only hours later they have several chips or smudge marks. It took about 30 minutes for the technician to apply them, and they did last chip free for probably two weeks, after that they had a few minor chips on maybe 2 or 3 nails but nothing noticeable to anyone else. After 4 weeks I had them removed then re applied in another colour.

Shellac is available in a range of colours, and doesn’t damage the natural nail at all.

Shellac is a breakthrough UV technology that combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels. A true innovation in chip-free, extended-wear colour.

  • 14 Day, High Gloss
  • Zero Dry Time
  • Mirror Finish
  • Off in Mintues
  • No Nicks, Chips or Smudges
  • On like Polish, wears like Gel
  • Does not damage your natural nail
  • No Formaldehyde, No Toluene or DBp
  • Salons are charging $40 – $50 for the service.