Coffee Scrubs- The Insta Trend That’s Still Going Strong

We’re all too familiar with those Instagram trends that disappear as quickly as they popped up. One day, skinny teas are saturating feeds and new brands and products are popping up left, right and centre. Then, a month later, there’s barely a teacup or dramatic before and after to be seen.

Whilst I tend to try and follow a minimalist rotation of staple and classic pieces in my life, both beauty and fashion wise, I will admit that I am not immune to all of the micro-trends that come and go. There is one trend in particular I tested out in the height of its popularity in 2013 and continue to sit comfortably on the bandwagon today. Coffee Scrubs.

Made particularly popular by the brand Frank Body, coffee scrubs were presented as a kind of revolutionary, holy grail product. Insta stars and models were posting bikini clad pics of themselves covered in coffee granules, boasting about the exfoliating and cellulite blasting powers of the product. Not to mention the delicious smell.

I may have moved on from my phase of covering my phone in greasy coffee granules in an attempt to get a snap of my face covered in the scrub, but I still won’t go a week without a full body scrub down. The natural oils leave my skin with a beautiful balmy feeling and the smell is enough to make me feel like I’ve just had a caffeine hit.

I’ve tried a few brands over the years but these have been my favourites.


  1. C Lab & Co Coffee Scrub


Beyond the great smell and quality of this scrub, it’s the packaging that wins my vote. It comes in a plastic tub, which, when compared to the zip lock type bags that most others are sold in, is a dream to use and store. It’s also 100% natural!

  1. Frank Body Peppermint Coffee Scrub


The minty smell is particularly invigorating and your skin will feel super fresh and re-energised after using this scrub. Your shower will smell like peppermint for the next few days but trust me, you’ll love the lingering scent.

  1. Thank You Geranium and Rosewood Coffee Scrub


Another deliciously packaged product, the cold-pressed macadamia oil in this scrub makes your skin feel silky soft. It’s also fair trade, not tested on animals and made in Australia. Beauty doesn’t get much better.


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Written by Jessica Frost