The Hair Products to Take on Holidays This Summer

Salt water, sunshine, humidity and air-con; all things that Summer brings to wreak havoc on your hair-do. I’ve said it before, my thin and curly hair is particularly sensitive to frizz causing factors but it’s not the only thing to consider when packing your suitcase for the Summer holidays.

A lot of women experience an  extra oily scalp in Summer (myself included), whilst ocean swims and sun bleaching has a tendency to seriously dry out your ends. It makes caring from your tresses an extra complicated routine which trust me, doesn’t work well with small suitcases and strict airline baggage limits.

So what’s a woman to do when she’s needing an effortless routine yet always photo ready hair on vacation? The trick is to choose a few hard working products that target your concerns and leave the rest at home.

Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray

This anti-humidity spray lives up to its promise of fighting frizz, protecting sleek blow-outs and holding your style in with a nice touch of added texture. You spray it onto your finished look and voila! You’re ready to face the day without worrying about fluffy hair and frustrating fly-aways. I should mention that it smells absolutely divine as well. Like, to the point where I questioned using perfume in fear of covering the scent.

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Pre-Wash Clay Mask

L’Oréal’s pre-shampoo treatment uses clay in the same way clay is used for your face. It soaks up impurities and excess oil from your scalp leaving it light and lifted. You apply it to your roots about five minutes before you get into the shower and then remove it with shampoo. It comes out surprisingly easy and meant that I could change my routine of shampooing every second night to every 3-4 days, perfect for time saving whilst on holidays.

Ouai Matte Pomade

This paste makes it easy to add texture to your ends to fight frizz and avoid having to use excessive amounts of hairspray and hold products. When you rub it between your hands and then onto your ends, it gives a piecey texture that doesn’t look sticky or go stiff like other products do. You can also use it do add volume to roots without putting excess oil into your hair.

Pantene 3-Minute Miracle

I feel like I’ve spent hundreds on hair treatments throughout my life and always come back to this drug-store buy. It may not have all of the fancy ingredients salon brand products have but it leaves my ends feeling refreshed, rehydrated and silky smooth 100% of the time. And, it’s budget friendly. Use it to combat the drying effects of saltwater and sun damage to make your ends more manageable.