The ‘Glass Hair’ Trend: What Is It and How Do You Get It For Yourself?

Glass hair is officially the ‘it look’ of 2019 after breaking onto the beauty scene last year. Favoured by models and celebrities the world over, the bold beauty look has been seen on red carpets, runways and even the streets proving it’s a versatile trend that’s here to stay.

But what exactly is glass hair? Well, think of it as super shiny, incredibly lustrous, stick straight locks cut with a sharp and defined finish. The look is polished and edgy in one and while it may seem hard to achieve the 100% frizz-free look, it’s actually fairly achievable.

Inspired by the 90’s, the super swish look is most often seen in a short and blunt bob style but looks equally as good when styled on super long Cher-like locks or even mid-length hair.

Here’s our tips for getting glass hair for yourself…

Take a trip to the salon

You’ll never achieve that perfectly smooth, flyaway-free look if your hair isn’t in its peak condition. For most, that probably means booking in a trip to the salon to chop away dead ends and a serious strength treatment to restore softness, shine and seal up all of your hair’s cuticles. You’ll also want to ask your stylist to stay away from the layers or cutting any texture into your hair. Even length strands work best for this look.

Freshen up your colour

A fresh, all-over colour is a quick way of taking texture out of your hair while evening out the tone and leaving your locks looking shining. Also, ask for a glaze colour to emphasise the shine and smooth finish of your colour.

A straightener is a must

After you wash your hair and apply product, blow dry your strands in a downward direction using a bristle brush then finish with a straightener to really attack fly-aways and get your ends look super sleek.

As for products…

You should be using a shine spray on your wet hair after washing and before blow drying to help lock-in moisture and add maximum shine. When you’ve finished blow drying and straightening your hair, use a finishing crème or oil that is designed to tame frizz and add even more shine. Locking in your strands at this final stage is essential to prevent outside moisture from causing any frizz or fluff.


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