The Bronzers That Help You Fake A Golden Glow

It’s no secret that a sun-kissed glow is the key ingredient in creating a healthy complexion. Unlike generations before ours though, we now understand how damaging the sun can be making a natural sun-kissed glow far from healthy.

That’s where bronzer comes in. I don’t know a single woman that doesn’t have a bronzer on her ‘can’t live without’ list. A simple dusting underneath the cheek bones and along the hairline can instantly and effortlessly revive the harsh realities of a pale winter skin tone. Not to mention the contouring effects and the way that just about any lip colour looks more vivid with the addition of bronzer.

Once upon a time, colour choices for bronzers were limited. Most brands only had one or two options and they were all fairly similar across the board. I’ve struggled in the past with bronzers that are too dark and too much of a contrast to my pale complexion, shades that are too orange and warm for my cool undertones or bronzers that are too brown and end up making me look like I’ve been rolling around in dirt. The struggle was real.

Now though, bronzers are just as customisable as blush. There’s not many makeup brands that have less than two, even three colour options. You can find different finishes and even choose between a powder or liquid consistency. I’ve reviewed a few new finds below.


  1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer – Diffused Light

This is easily my new favourite product. Not only is it a gorgeous compact, it’s a really subtle colour that builds without looking cakey like powdered products often can. I also love the light glow it gives me that is light reflective rather than glittering or shimmering. You can wear it as an everyday product without feeling sparkly in the sunlight.

  1. Nars Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer – Laguna

This bronzer sits somewhere between matte and illuminating. It doesn’t have the same heavy finish that other matter bronzers have. It sits weightlessly on your skin and gives a really natural, golden glow. It’s soft blurring effect also means you can use it to give your face an all over dusting for a natural matte look.

  1. Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer

I normally wouldn’t go for a completely matte product; it makes spending a whole pay check on highlighters seem like a waste. But this bronzer has me convinced that there is a place for one in everyone’s makeup bag. Because of its matte finish, this bronzer is great for contouring and giving the illusion of a tan when used very lightly on your face. Bonus points for the fact this comes with its own mini brush as well!

  1. Maybelline Master Bronze Palette

It can be easy to forget about drugstore brands but this palette shouldn’t be missed. The fact that you get three different shades and a highlighter in one makes it a great value product. The bronzers have a light shimmer to them and are really easy to blend. Best part is, you can customise your colour by mixing the shades meaning it will be just as useable if you occasionally use a fake tanning product.


Written By Jessica Frost


Featured image credit

Photo Thom Kerr

Hair Iggy Rosales

Makeup Bonnie G- Oz Beauty Expert