The Biggest Social Media Makeup Trends

With makeup being one of the most popular ways people can express themselves, there have been many outrageous and clever makeup trends that have been created and bought to our attention on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. Being a makeup and beauty lover, I always turn to YouTube to watch the latest trends and learn the newest techniques that I can incorporate into my routine. Here is some insight into the world of some weird yet wonderful makeup trends and techniques that have been going crazy in 2016/17.

Dimensional Lips and Lip Art
Welcome to the world of glitter, gloss, liquid lipstick and liner. Making your lips look 3-D has become one of the most popular makeup trends to date. Whether you want to apply glitter or sprinkles to your lips or create an ombre effect with 2-3 different shades, 2016-2017 is definitely all about the lips. The ombre effect cleverly makes your lips look fuller (paired with the perfect amount of lip liner) without paying the big bucks.

Full Bushy Brows
Say goodbye to the harsh and perfectly drawn on eyebrows – your spoolie brush will become your new best friend. Simply brush your brows up, fill in the gaps and add some clear eyebrow gel to keep the effect of an untidy brow. The fuller looking, the better – just ask Cara Delevingne.


Image from Instagram

Lip Gloss
Bringing it back baby… it’s all about the glossy effect, not only does it make your lips look shiny and luscious, but formula’s are now created that won’t make your hair stick to your lips, leaving you with a subtle yet glossy look to your lips.

Glitter, Glitter and more Glitter
Placing glitter on your lips, using glitter as freckles, and sprinkling glitter in the roots of your hair (warning: to remove glitter you need to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner and A LOT of patience) are definitely in. Usually seen around festival season, glitter was one, and will continue to be one of the most seen beauty trends in 2017. I mean, who doesn’t love glitter? I would place it all over my body on the daily if it were socially acceptable.


Images from Instagram

The brighter the better – whether it be on your eyelids or on your lips, its all about stepping out of your comfort zone and going for the neon shades in your kit. And don’t just stick to one colour, this is where you can really express yourself and pair a neon purple lid, with a pink crease and orange under eye.


Image from Instagram

Sadly this is not the type of baking that I love; this involves a translucent loose powder and a damp beauty blender. Simply blend out your concealer so there are no creases to be seen, dip your damp beauty blender into the powder, and bake your face (typically in your t-zone areas and under your eyes, OR, your whole face if you wish) and let it “bake” for a total of 5-10 minutes. When the bake is complete grab a fluffy brush and swipe it away and you will be left with a flawless finish, which will help your makeup last all day without the creasing.3

Image from Instagram 

Cut that Crease

Drawn on in all different ways, lengths and colours, a cut crease has never become so easy with a small liner brush and concealer. Simply apply the eye shadow you want in your crease, and then come along and make your cut crease with concealer and a brush, making your crease as crisp and sharp as ever. Applying glitter or a metallic shadow always makes your skill level appear a lot better.


Image from instagram

Written by Laura Harriss