The Best Tips If You’re Thinking of Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup

We get it, weddings are expensive. They also create a lot of pressure and top coordination skills are needed to juggle everything that’s going on. A lot of brides are deciding to do their own makeup to ease some of the cost and time crunch of their big day but there’s a few things every bride should consider before doing her own makeup.

  1. Consider getting a new foundation.

Although you may love your everyday foundation and have been rebuying it for years, it doesn’t make it the best choice for your wedding day, even if you’re going for a natural look. Weddings are very long days and there’ll be cameras flashing from every angle so your foundation needs to stay put. If you don’t already use a long-lasting formula, now’s the time to pick one up.

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  1. Your primer is one of the most important steps.

Not only will it help your makeup last all day, it preps your skin for a smooth and crease free application. I’ve also always found it a lot easier to give makeup a touch up if a good quality primer has been applied first. You won’t have to worry about your makeup separating on your face or uneven colour as it fades off.


  1. A hydrating setting spray will be your best friend.

Setting spray is always a good idea to help control oil and stop your makeup sliding. A hydrating formula helps to return a bit of dew throughout the day and will soften your makeup a little before you reapply concealer or add a little foundation as you dance the night away. Particularly if you’re having a Summer wedding, a spritz here and there will feel very refreshing.


  1. Apply your makeup in thin even layers and build as you go.

It’s a lot harder to reverse a makeup look that’s too heavy and the best way to build a beautiful complexion is taking it easy and applying thin layer upon thin layer. Not only do you build more colour coverage this way, you also get more control over the texture of your look and it helps to create longevity.

  1. Conceal blemishes using a brush, not your fingers.

I’m a big fan of using fingers for your makeup but not when it comes to blemishes. Not only do you risk spreading the germs, you’ll never get perfect coverage with your fingers. Instead, use a brush and a slightly thicker or tacky concealer and dab it directly onto and around the blemish using taps, not brush strokes or rubbing.
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  1. Always pick a waterproof or tubing mascara.

Weddings are emotional and you’ll be forgiven for shedding a tear here or there. What you won’t be forgiven for is smudged and flaking mascara. A tubing mascara is great as it doesn’t flake and only comes off when you rub your fingers around your lashes with a bit of warm water. If you have a waterproof option at home you love, always choose it over a non-waterproof option.


  1. Exfoliate the night before your wedding, not the day of.

Even if you consider yourself the queen of exfoliation, it’s never worth the risk of redness of irritated skin from exfoliating the day of your wedding. A gentle chemical exfoliation the night before followed by a nourishing oil will set your skin up for perfect makeup application.


  1. Always practice a few times before the big day.

Because your wedding day makeup will be a little heavier and more involved than your everyday look, a few practice runs may be necessary to get to know how well your products perform, which brushes and applicators work best with your specific foundation and which shades will work for you. Always take a few photos under both natural and artificial light as well so you can see if your colouring and particularly highlighter is flattering in photos.

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