The Best Solution for Cracked Lips

Cracked lips are SOOOOO annoying. As the weather cools its pretty much unavoidable that you are going to get cracked lips. The dry air combined with being slightly dehydrated are the making of cracked lips. So what is the best cure for cracked lips? Firstly rehydrating, drinking plenty of water. Second is to get your lips conditioned. There is a plethora of products available for cracked lips but I find the best ones are ones that the lips can slightly absorb some moisture from as well as leaving a protective coating on the lips to prevent further cracking.

Lanolips is an award winning brand which develops all natural lip products and ointments using Lanolin derived from shorn sheeps wool.



The Lanolips Golden Ointment $28.95 is a favourite of mine. I have it in the bathroom draw ALWAYS. I use it on my lips, nails and any dry areas of skin, and  my husband uses it on his lips every night! It truly is divine. It smells like vanilla, its just the right texture and it’s moisturising, healing and protecting. It lasts ages too! Even using it as much as we do it has lasted us 6 months so far!

Lanolips also have a range of lip gloss which are perfect for cracked lips and hold the same healing protective qualities but have a hint of colour in them. My favourite is Rose, but I also keep Dark Honey in the car in case of emergencies. $13.95

If you are prone to dry, cracked lips Lanolips is really worth a try!