The Best Hair Piece Inspo for Your Wedding Look

The modern wedding has well and truly had a makeover with the addition of Pinterest into the planning phase.

Brides the world over turn to the website for inspiration on everything from the dress, to the location to the font of the menu’s. It’s a great tool that is certainly pushing creativity and the boundaries of the traditional wedding.

Of course, I love Pinterest for the endless beauty inspiration. Hair, nails, makeup, editorial, bridal, you name it, it’s on there. And on my latest search spree, I’ve rounded up the best inspo images for bridal hair pieces.

Once upon a time, wearing a head piece with your veil was the traditional norm, stemming from royals and aristocrats who often wore crowns and jewels. The trend died down and brides were choosing to just wear their veil or a decorative hair slide at most, but now, what’s old is new once again and the modern bride has put her own take on hair pieces.

The Crown

Wearing a crown doesn’t have to be a tacky, Paris Hilton-esq moment. Modern crowns take cues from popular Dolce and Gabbana runways and look elegant when done in neutral colours with dainty stones.


The Headband

A subtler version of a crown, simple headbands with jewels or stones are a nice way to dress up an up-do, or keep your hair back from your face when it’s styled down.


The Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath would have to be one of Pinterest’s favourite wedding florals. It’s soft, feminine, dainty and fits a myriad of themes. Whether you’re going for country chic, boho, Parisian or glam, strands of baby’s breath worked into a braid, bun or loose curls fits the brief.


The Halo

Adding a halo to your look is an easy way to have an impact from all angles. You can find just about any style you’re looking for, whether you want something dainty, something really modern and minimalistic or something with a bit more wow factor.


Featured image via Galia Lahav