The Best Hair Oils for Healthy and Shiny Hair

For a long-time I was very much against hair oils thinking they’d only upset my already oily scalp and fine hair. Unfortunately, I’d been missing out on years’ worth of great hair days. But not anymore.

Once upon a time hair oils were heavy, greasy and while they may have hydrated your hair, made it look pretty limp in the process. Nowadays, you’d be crazy to expect luscious locks without the occasional scrunch of oil into your ends and the right product can begin to reverse damage while protecting it from further harm. A good hair oil works as both a styling product and a treatment.

Even those with oily hair shouldn’t be afraid. Using oil treatments on your scalp can actually help to regulate your scalp’s oil production so it doesn’t get oily as quickly between washes. When it comes to your ends, modern formulas are lightweight, quick drying and nourish your hair from the outside, in, without leaving your locks looking slick or feeling heavy so fine hair still can still have movement and volume.

They leave your hair smooth, shiny and hydrated while split ends are sealed and fuzz is eliminated. Here’s our favourites…

Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil

It may be a bit of a splurge but Oribe’s luxuriously lightweight hair oil will have your ends feeling silky smooth and shining healthily after a single use. It’s absorbed quickly by your hair to deeply condition deep down in your hair shaft for stronger locks. A little goes a long way with this oil and it’s safe to use on colour or keratin treated hair.

Oblephika Siberica Oil Complex For Damaged

Specifically designed to treat dry, brittle and damaged ends, this powerful oil uses a little known ingredient, Sea Buckthorn (aka Oblephika), that’s loaded with vitamin C in one of its most stable forms along with a long list of other vitamins and amino acids. It works to produce keratin in your hair to improve strength and is deeply nourishing without weighing your hair down. It’s best used on damp hair and rubbed through before heat styling.

Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil

Not many multi-use products are quite as effective as doing two things at once as Ouai’s hair and body oil. You can use this lightweight oil on both your skin and your hair to nourish and hydrate with a very light shine being left behind. It absorbs quickly and is perfect for smoothing fly-aways in your hair after heat styling. It restores your hair’s moisture levels and overtime works to repair damage. It also smells amazing and is silicone free so you don’t have to worry about any added nasties.


Phyto Paris Huile Soyeuse: Lightweight Hydrating Hair Oil

If you have ultra-fine or thin hair, this oil is for you. It can be used both before blow-drying your hair or as a finishing touch to keep your hair smooth and healthy. It’s great at eliminating frizz, removing static from your hair and leaving it super soft and manageable and it doesn’t weigh it down or leave any oily residue behind. The formula is 98% natural and silicone free so it can be used on every hair type.