The Best Eyeliners for That Perfectly Imperfect Look

There’s something about eyeliners that make them one of the toughest beauty items to buy. I’m never surprised to hear from someone who found their perfect product and has been using the exact same liner for years on end without even considering changing.

Between the application process to the finish and staying power right through to its ability to hold up through rain, hail or shine (tears, rubbing and sweat), it’s not easy finding an eyeliner that ticks all of the boxes. That’s why it’s incredibly useful to have multiple types in your beauty kit to help you nail every look you want.

While a long lasting felt tip is something no girl should go without, a creamy gel pencil is surprisingly invaluable and my recommendation for your next beauty investment. Winged eyeliner is always on trend but sometimes you just want that smudged, rock n roll, ‘next day’ flawless type of makeup look.

Gel pencil eyeliner allow you to apply your product with enough time to smudge it, buff it and blend it out into a smoky eye look. They’re also a great choice for lining your bottom lash line and you can blend them into your lashes for a slightly more lived in look than a felt tip liner will allow. Here’s our favourites…

Kat Von D Beauty Anti-Precision Eyeliner

Of course, the first place you look for a new eyeliner is within Kat Von D Beauty’s range. The brand has a history of nailing eyeliners and the Anti-Precision Eyeliner is no different. The formula is really easy to blend and you have plenty of time to work with it before it dries down and stays put all night long. The pigment is really intense and the slightly chunkier size of the tip makes it perfect for a smoky look.

Melissa Sassine Cosmetics Gel Pencil Eyeliner

Because Melissa Sassine’s products are designed by the makeup artist herself, you can trust that they deliver on their promises. The Gel Pencil Eyeliner is a winner and I’d recommend picking up the shade Mud Bath. It’s a neutral dark brown shade that allows you to create a softer look while still delivering impact. It glides on easily and smoothly and is just as easy to blend. One of the best things about this liner though is that it has a narrow tip so you can still achieve precision if that’s the look you’re after.

Charlotte Tilbury Rock N Kohl Eyeliner Pencil

Charlotte Tilbury is known for that sexy bedroom look. The makeup artist herself even sleeps in her makeup to achieve it come morning. So, it only makes sense that their Rock N Kohl pencil eyeliner is designed to achieve a slept in smoky look. Application is silky smooth so you achieve one straight line then go in with a brush to smudge it up a bit. It’s a waterproof formula so will last through even the toughest conditions and it even has ingredients that are known to stimulate collagen and hydrate your eye area. It really is a win win product.


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Photo: Steven Popovich

Make-up:Bonnie G- Oz Beauty Expert

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