The Best Books for A Beauty Education

Summer is coming, which for me, means one thing: soaking up the sunshine (in a high-quality SPF, of course) with a good read in my hand. While a great novel recommendation is always appreciated, it’s beauty books that offer infinite value and that I find myself getting the most absorbed in.

Whether you’re keen to get into the industry yourself or just want to understand how-to treat your concerns and make your makeup look a little snazzy for Friday night drinks, pick up one of these beauty books for insider tips and endless inspiration.

Eat Beautiful – Wendy Rowe

UK celebrity makeup artist Wendy Rowe has worked with the who’s who of the celebrity world, turning countless faces from dull to done-up. Throughout her illustrious career, she’s gained an infinite knowledge of how to get glowing skin so she put together Eat Beautiful to help us focus on achieving that glowing skin from the inside. The book contains in-depth analysis’ of skin-loving foods and 70 easy and delicious recipes to feed your skin the nutrients it needs to be healthy and look great.

Truth In Beauty – Mukti Organics

Championing the clean beauty movement, founder of Mukti Organics, Mukti has penned a book that uncovers common myths, exposes the dark secrets of the beauty industry and provides an easy-to-understand education on harmful skincare ingredients and the ones the brand uses to replace them. It also offers plenty of helpful advice around labelling, identifying your skin type and treating concerns with healthy, natural and safe products.

Making Faces – Kevyn Aucoin

Legendary makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin’s work has been seen on countless magazine covers, red carpets, in editorials, music videos and fashion shows. He became a celebrity in his own right for his incredible work and translated that work into the book Making Faces, a follow-up to his first. From fundamental techniques, how-tos and tips to inspiring makeup looks, this illustrated guide is a must-read for any budding makeup artist.

Amazinger Face – Zoe Foster Blake

Australia’s beauty darling, Zoe Foster Blake, worked as a journalist while publishing her first books and later creating not one, but two beauty brands, Go-To Skincare and Gro-To, a babies and kids skincare brand. Along the way she wrote Amazing Face and filled it with her infinite knowledge, later updating it with even more knowledge and titling it Amazinger Face. It’s filled with tips, tricks, products recommendations and all of the ingredient knowledge you could need.

Australian Beauty – Thom Wilton, Lisa Teh

From how-tos to the who’s who of the beauty industry, this book is your one-stop guide to the Australian beauty industry. The authors interview some of the most influential faces in Australian beauty from skin therapists to makeup artists, models, brand founders and more, getting them to spill their secrets and best advice for budding beauty lovers. It also covers all of the basics for doing your own makeup and curating your beauty bag.

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