The Benefits of Dry Body Brushing

When it comes to body care, most of us can be a little lazy. Particularly when you consider the strict routines we all adhere to morning and night to take care of the skin of our face and necks. I’ll admit that I do mostly get away with a coat of moisturiser after showering and the occasional bit of micro needling over stretch marks. But with our skin being the bodies largest organ, not to mention the numerous ways that it can begin to show signs of aging just as significantly as your face (think sagging skin, and speckly hands), caring for it should take a little more effort.

That’s where dry boding brushing comes in. Like many other beauty and wellness trends, dry body brushing exploded overnight causing many women to jump on the bandwagon without understanding its full potential. A lot of people see it as just another way to exfoliate but it’s oh so much more than that. And it’s been around for a lot longer than we realise- it’s long been a part of Ayurveda’s cleansing philosophies.

The simple act of brushing a soft but firm brush of natural bristles across your skin daily is said to boost circulation, improve the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite, improve digestion, aid the bodies detox systems and yes, sweep away all of those pesky dead skin cells.

Most impressively, dry body brushing also stimulates your lymph nodes. Our lymphatic system is responsible for filtering the toxins out of our blood and transporting it around the body. By stimulating the lymph nodes, we’re encouraging the healthy filtering of the blood and improving our overall wellness.

And then there’s the obvious benefits of brighter, tighter and more youthful looking skin that the exfoliation provides.

There are a few secrets to dry body brushing though to make sure you’re making the most of its powers. The first is the brush you use. You need to find a natural bristle brush that’s soft enough not to scratch you but firm enough to actually have an impact. It shouldn’t hurt but it certainly shouldn’t tickle either.

The next is the direction that you brush in. You should always brush upwards and inwards toward your heart. So, start at your feet and brush in firm and short strokes up your leg. The same goes for your arms but starting at your hands. Then, use anti-clockwise circular motions across your stomach and chest.

People are divided on whether you should be using oils and serums with your dry body brush or afterwards but whatever works for you individually is perfectly fine. There’s no studies or research to suggest one is better than the other so I would recommend finding a nourishing and natural oil that you love and go with that.

I’ve been using this Ecotools Dry Body Brush which costs around $7.00.