The Beauty Products to Pack in Your Carry On

It’s no secret that long-haul flights wreak havoc on your skin and with such limited space in your carry-on, choosing what’s worth that coveted spot in your bag is hard. There’s liquid limits to consider, the practicality of using certain products and the allure of wanting to show up to your destination looking glam all playing a factor.

Unfortunately, the first thing you have to do is resolve to leave the majority of your makeup bag in your checked luggage. Travelling is the perfect excuse to take some time to care for your skin so you won’t be needing your fav eye shadow palette.

What you will be needing though…

A hydrating and reinvigorating facial spray or mist. Countless models tap these kinds of products as their go-to skin saviour when they travel. Not only do they provide hydration both on top of and underneath makeup, you can get different varieties with ingredients that are calming and will help you sleep, or with awakening ingredients that give you a mini boost as you’re getting off the plane.

Try Jurlique Rose Water Mist 50ml

An eye mask. What better time than when you’re stuck on a plane for 10 hours to slap on an eye mask or treatment. You’ve got nowhere to be and can just relax and let all of the goodness soak into your skin. A hydrating, collagen boosting option will give you enviably glowing skin.

Try Vanite Noir Eye Masks

A great book. More for wellness than physical beauty, the benefits of a book over watching a movie on the plane are endless. It’s great for aiding a moment to disconnect, it can help you to relax and catch some extra z’s and you can carry it with you to continue reading during stop overs. You also don’t have to worry about all of the nasty side effects of having a TV screen 30cm in front of your eyes.

A book I read recently and I LOVED-  Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

A universal skin salve balm. The kind that you can slather on your lips, massage into your cuticles and target dry spots anywhere on your body. Dry skin is one of the worst side effects of flying and limited space means that products need to be multi-purpose making a skin salve balm a top choice. You also have the benefit of popping a bit on your cheekbones before getting of the flight so you have that ‘just woke up from 12 hours of sleep’ glow.

My Fav Lanolips Golden Ointment

A silk eye mask. We all know the powers of a silk pillowcase and how life-changing the results of using one can be on your skin and hair health. Well, the same applies for silk eye masks. They’ll block out any light on the plane, helping you to get a better rest without damaging your eyelashes or causing creases around the susceptible eye area.

I don’t travel without my Slip Silk Eye Mask.

Your favourite mascara. When you’ve got a limited ability to do a full face of makeup, mascara is the best compromise. Lifting your lashes will make you look more awake and put together as you’re stepping off the plane and 9 times out of 10 you’ll find that a couple of coats takes away the need for foundation.

We love Dior Show 


In saying that, I wouldn’t go anywhere without an illuminating concealer. Pop it under your eyes, on top of any blemishes and across any redness to even out your skin tone and hide your inevitable eye bags.