The Basics by B Liquid Lip Colours Are Here!

No beauty bag is complete without a liquid lip colour! They’re versatile products with advanced formulas that make them not only a special addition to your makeup look, but a product that can simply be worn every day.

The newly released range of Basics by B lip colours have been thoughtfully designed to be super comfortable to wear, long-lasting and actually nourishing for your lips. Available in both cream and matte finishes, the colours are super pigmented so you get great colour payoff and each was formulated to suit every skin tone, hair colour, eye colour and to look great on every lip.

There’s five cream liquid lipstick in the range that are buttery, soft and really comfortable to wear. You won’t get any of that goopy stickiness or feel like your hair is going to get stuck on your lips! Just a nourishing, long-lasting shine in deeply pigmented shades.

The five cream liquid lipsticks are…


This beautiful pink coral is the perfect colour to brighten up your Summer makeup. It gives a lovely shine and is screaming for a cocktail by the beach.

Wear it with: A soft pink blush and a light bronze eyeshadow with plenty of mascara for a Summer daytime look.


Barca is a fresh mid-toned pink that is like your lips but way (way) better. It brightens the face without being too much of a pop so you can wear it as an everyday office look or dress it up for the weekends.

Wear it with: A swipe of peach toned blush and a soft blend of pinks and browns on the eye. Add a touch of shimmer to the eye to take it into the evening.


Pollenca is about to become your new neutral. It’s a beautiful mid-toned nude shade with a hint of pink to keep it warm and prevent it from pulling yellow out of your skin like other nudes can. It’s super versatile and will suit just about any occasion.

Wear it with: A brown smoky eye and a coat of mascara for an everyday look, or create a gorgeous monotone look by using pink-toned nudes on your eye.


This soft nude is great for a pretty day look or those times when you really want to let your eyes do all the talking while your lips look luscious and luminous. It’s a neutral nude so suits all lip colours.

Wear it with: A dark smoky eye with a thick coat of mascara and nude blush for an evening look that combines pretty and sultry.


Another Summer must-have, Nice will make you dream of the shores of the French Riviera. It’s a light pink shade that is soft yet bright at the same time and allows you to add some definition to your lips without it looking like you’ve got a heavy lip colour on.

Wear it with: A mauve smoky eye and smudged liner for the weekends, or a simple swipe of nude shadow for a no-makeup makeup look.

Also in the range are three matte colours that are super long wearing without leaving you with that awful tight and dry feeling. You won’t need to be afraid of tucking into your dinner and sipping on your cocktails with these colours on as they stay on your lips, and not your teeth! They’re nice and hydrating and a comfortable wear with an always matte finish.

The three matte liquid lipsticks are…


Everyone needs a staple red in their beauty bag and this should be it! It’s a bright and neutral red so doesn’t lead too far in either an orangey or blue-based direction. It’s simply a great pop of classic colour.

Wear it with: A nude coloured blush, super light beige eyeshadow and a single coat of mascara for the day, then amp it up with a cat-eye flick for the evening.


Biarritz is a light pink shade that gives you a grown-up take on a classic barbie look. It’s fun and flirty and soft enough to work with any look but still light enough that your lips will really pop.

Wear it with: A soft pink blush and winged eyeliner for a modern take on a retro glam look.


The perfect nude matte. This colour is the kind that you should always keep in your bag allowing it to stand by your side in any situation! It’s a truly neutral light matte shade that will compliment any beauty look.

Wear it with: A rose gold toned smoky eye and pop of highlighter with a healthy dose of bronzer.

Be sure to jump over to the Basics by B website to see more images and stock up on your favourite colours!

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