The Bali Day Spa You Have To Visit

While your idea of a holiday to Bali probably involves beaches, bars and bikini’s, mine involves sampling the relaxation and indulgence of the best spa & beauty treatments the ‘Isle of the Gods’ has to offer.

Recently I had a two week vacay in Bali which is probably my 10th visit to the island and each and every time I visit I make a point of visiting at least one day spa.

Stars like Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Ashlee Simpson, and Posh and Becks (who were there while I was) are among a plethora of big name celebs who frequent Bali. Many of which are well known for their love of the exclusive day spas on the island.

This time I stayed at The Mulia in Nusa Dua. The Mulia has been around for a while now and I’ve known a bunch of friends whom have stayed there in the past. Though I’m certain none of them have ever visited the day spa there, because if they had I would have heard about it….. The place is AMAZING!

The Mulia Spa is up there amongst the best day spas in the world and has numerous awards to prove it. It adapts the ancient spa wisdom of ‘healing through water’ and my time visiting the spa fully reflected that.

I started off with 30 minutes in the hydratonic pools. The hydratonic pools are a cold water and hot water pool, each of which has a series of spa like sections you move through one at a time. The jets within the pools target different areas of your body as you move through them. The cold pool was a bit of a shock to the system, but the warm pool was really relaxing, both felt like a full body massage as I moved through them. The hydratonic pools are excellent for detoxing, boosting the metabolism and fantastic for aching joints and muscles.

Next I went for a steam room session, and followed it up with a few minutes in Asia’s Pacific’s only Ice Fountain Room. The Ice Fountain room is truly unique and has both physical and emotional benefits. The freezing temperatures relieve aches and pains, and speed up healing within the body, while at the same time the room changes colour with Chromatherapy Chakra cleansing coloured lights. Being really cold isn’t my ideal situation, however it is worth it. The Ice Fountain Room leaves you feeling undeniably invigorated and energized.

I also indulged in my favourite spa treatment of all time, a full body wrap and hot stone massage. If you’re planning to visit The Mulia Spa this treatment comes highly recommended from me. My body was coated in a thick layer of hydrating milk and honey goo, it smelt so divine it took some self restraint to stop myself from tasting it. Then I was wrapped up in plastic and left for about 20 minutes while it exfoliated and hydrated my skin. This was followed by a white crystal lymphatic facial.

My total time at the spa was around 5 hours which is way longer than I have ever spent in a day spa before. But as the saying goes time flies when you’re having fun and the same goes for being pampered! Afterwards my skin looked and felt amazing and my mind, body and muscles were supremely relaxed.

I wouldn’t say I walked, but rather floated back to my villa after my time at the spa!

Which brings me to my villa…. If you fancy a holiday where you are treated like royalty The Mulia Luxury Villas is the place to do it. Complete with our own private pool, jacuzzi, and butler this villa was just what I needed to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the island.

The Mulia Spa is an experience you will never forget. It’s a world class spa with both the very best of holistic ancient spa practices and cutting edge technology in the heart of paradise.

Next time you’re in Bali treat yourself!