The Anti-Aging Skincare Step You Can’t Afford to Miss

Women tend to show their age in a few particular places first: the neck, décolletage, back of your hands and most predominately, your eyes.

Yes, it’s true that your eyes are the window to your soul and also a walking copy of your birthdate if left untreated. The skin around our eyes is unlike anywhere else on our faces. It’s thinner, more delicate and lacks the moisture ducts the rest of our skin has that help to hold hydration.

It’s also through our natural expressions like smiling, frowning, laughing and squinting that keep our eye muscles in constant overdrive. The more work those muscles are doing, the more our skin moves and the deeper set lines begin to appear on the surface.

Of course, there’s plenty of skilled doctors that can even wrinkles out with a quick prick of a needle but even better than treating a problem after the fact, is working to prevent it in the first place. Que eye creams.

These highly potent and rich little creams may seem like an indulgence but are absolutely necessary for every woman (and man if you can convince them). You may be thinking you haven’t reached the age where they’re necessary but you really should start as soon as you hit your twenties if you want the best chance possible to keep your eye area looking young and fresh for as long as possible.

There’s so many great options on the market but here’s a few you may not have tried yet…

Ella Bache Crème Spéciale Yeux

Rich and luxurious, two words that perfectly sum up this eye cream from Ella Bache (or really, they’re whole entire range). This super thick moisturising treatment immediately begins to alleviate dehydration to leave your skin supple and bouncy. It’s ingredient list boasts lanolin that protects the skins barrier and prevents moisture loss, peanut oil and squalene, an olive oil derivative that is super hydrating. You’ll need to warm it between your ring fingers before gently tapping it around your eye area because it’s really thick but it soaks in quickly and has a beautiful finish.

Biologi Bk – Rejuvenation Eye Serum

This lightweight serum is made from 100% pure Kakadu Plum. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s made from native botanicals in the Byron Bay area and is really high in Vitamin C. It’s great for pigmentation, reducing fine lines and boosting collagen around your eye area. It gives you an instant burst of hydration and the serum feels really luxurious. If you give it a minute to sink in properly it’s even great to wear underneath makeup and prep your eye area for concealer.

Paula’s Choice Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream

If you’ve never been able to decide between creams or serums for your eyes. This product is a happy compromise. It’s a balm like consistency rich in shea butter and a blend of antioxidants that hydrate the eye area while softening signs of age, reducing puffiness and treating dark shadows. Just once use of the potent cream and you’ll notice the difference to the skin around your eyes.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Premiere Intense Moisture and Renewal Regeneration Eye Cream

This cream is an intense blend of nourishing and invigorating ingredients that work to deeply treat your eye area while helping to stimulate collagen and give you that fresh and awake look. It helps to strengthen the delicate skin around your eyes while banishing dark circles and puffy eye bags. It feels really nice on the skin and is perfect for both morning and evening use.

Mukti Organics Rosehip Eye Gel

All of Mukti’s products are certified organic so you know you’re only putting the highest quality, healthy ingredients onto your skin. The rosehip in this eye gel is packed with antioxidants that helps with fine lines and surface damage to your skin. It’s also great at de-puffing and soothing tired or dry eyes, exactly what you’ll need as we head into Winter. I love to put this in the fridge so it’s extra cool and refreshing when applied to your eyes.

Dermaviduals Eye Cream

All of Dermaviduals products mean business. They’re formulated by dermatologists to ensure the perfect blend of gentle yet high performing ingredients. This intense cream is loaded with nourishing and hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramide and skin-caring lipids. And it isn’t just for your eyes, it’s great for use on your décolletage as well. It has smoothing and tightening properties that refresh the eye and neck areas to reduce the appearance of eye bags, wrinkles and loosening skin.

Skinstitut Ultra Firming Eye and Neck Cream

Skinstitut’s cosmedical formulas really pack a punch. They’re developed to contain as much of an active ingredient as your skin needs to really see a difference. There’s absolutely no scrimping so you can be sure this Matrixyl 3000 rich cream does its job. It works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce bags and dark circles, firm and tighten you skin and increase the overall hydration to your eye and neck area. The cream is a beautiful consistency that spreads nicely and soaks in quickly.