The 45 minute skin reboot

What do you do when have less than an hour to create the kind of complexion usually reserved for half a day at the salon?

Hot-foot to your nearest endota spa for their new Intense Radiance Facial, of course – which leaves skin feeling renewed and looking radiant in less time than it takes to scoff a salad at the food court.

Intense Radiance is a brand-new treatment which combines a 15% glycolic peel with Light Therapy (LED) mask powered by LightfusionTM.

Lightfusion™ LED has been clinically shown to deliver collagen stimulating, anti-ageing results by boosting collagen and elastin production, which is secured by a flexible Light Therapy mask (which will have you looking like a glamorous Jason for Friday 13th while it does its magic), purpose-built and the first of its kind in Australia.

This sublime and power-packed treatment is a part of an all-new treatment menu for endota, redeveloped to focus on treatments that are results driven, effective and offer a holistic approach to wellness.

Your skin will be prepped as the glycolic works to resurface skin, while LED activates collagen and elastin to deeply hydrate and stimulate cell regeneration. Endota spa’s New Age™ collagen serum is then infused to further plump and tone the skin (make sure you take some home!).

Two years in the making, the new treatment menu brings together world leading wellness techniques with the brand’s very own skincare ranges, designed to transform you on a spiritual, emotional and cellular level.

Taking inspiration from around the globe, treatments incorporate natural based elements and new techniques to encourage healing, induce relaxation and deliver results – which is a rare combination in the Australian spa and wellness market.

Ageing consciously is a principle mantra, “not about the decade you’re in or turning back the clock, but about embracing your uniqueness at any given age and taking the time to nurture, not only the physical but the emotional,” endota spa Head of Education Helen Robb Lacey explains.

As a company, endota have matured, ‘taking it from a treat to a treatment’ – and it shows. You will be spoiled upon arrival with a delicious herbal tea as your aesthetician soothingly takes you through a thorough consultation to determine your skin’s needs. The clinically tested, high performance facials and massage treatments use the latest technology to deliver collagen stimulating, anti-­ageing results.
Helen touts Intense Radiance as ‘the express pick me up’ in the group. With a focus on ageing consciously, endota takes the heritage of relaxation and combines it with results in a subtle way.

Resisting radical or invasive procedures, the next generation of endota is about building a culture of skincare and prevention, rather than cure, for every decade, where the intense eradication of all fine lines is evidently not the answer.

“You can only have some control as you decrease in collagen and elastin,” she explains. “In your 20s, get a regular facial to let the skin breathe, while in your 30s and 40s, as collagen reduces, treatments like LED, mixed with a serum, control how you age by preserving the skin’s vital infrastructure.”

With a focus on education, endota range of products and treatments work with how your tissue ages. Consideration is also given to the Australian climate, which has an added effect on how skin ages.

Want to create that moment of stillness? With a treatment like Intense Radiance, it is that much easier to give yourself permission for a powerful and soothing facial (and still be back in the office before you lapse your lunch hour).

Induced relaxation that delivers fast results? Evidently, sometimes you gotta disconnect to reconnect.