The 10 Biggest Wedding Hair Mistakes to Avoid

It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the things you have to do before your wedding that you don’t think about the things you shouldn’t do. Doing too much to your hair or ignoring to care for it before your big day can leave your tresses in a pretty dire situation so here’s ten hair mistakes to avoid making before your wedding…

  1. Forgetting to prep your hair in the lead up weeks.

You have a regimented routine to get your skin looking amazing before your big day so why not your hair? It’s a good idea to include regular intensive repair treatments and a trim in the weeks before your wedding to ensure your texture, body and shine are all at their best.

  1. Getting a cut too close to your wedding date.

Even if you trust your hairdresser with your life a cut too close to your wedding day can be problematic. Of course there’s the obvious that you could end up with a trim you’re unhappy with without time to grow it out, but freshly cut hair can also be harder to style and the ends sit differently to lived in locks. Try to get your final trim at least two weeks before your wedding.

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  1. Leaving your colour re-fresh too late.

Similar to getting a late cut, it’s risky to leave your colour to a point where you don’t have time to fix it. Colour often also takes a few washes and a bit of growth to look it’s most natural. Any drastic colour changes should be done three weeks out with a root touch-up one week out if you need it.

  1. Forgetting to treat your hair from the inside.

We’re all pretty aware of the dramatic effects taking supplements can have on our hair health. From extra shine to glossy ends and fuller body, don’t forget to start taking extra vitamins like biotin or fish oil in the months before your wedding.

  1. Washing your hair the morning of.

It may seem like a good idea to wash your hair and start fresh the day of your wedding but day old hair typically styles better and stays put longer. It also helps to stop you from looking too ‘done’. Instead, wash and blow dry your hair the day or evening before your wedding.

  1. Relying on hairspray to do all the hard work.

Any kind of up-do is going to require a lot of product before it starts getting twisted, braided or rolled into a chignon. Some sort of mousse, texture spray or styling putty is essential to creating body throughout your layers to help up-styles hold all day long.

  1. Forgetting about humidity, even when it’s cold.

You might automatically reach for anti-humidity sprays when you’re getting married in a tropical climate but they’re equally as essential in cooler climates. Particularly in Winter, there’s moisture in the hair that our hair absorbs. You then go inside to a nicely heated reception room and the heat turns all of that moisture in your hair to frizz. Avoid it by using an anti-humidity spray before, during and after styling your hair.

  1. Not having backup.

You should expect to have to touch up your hair between photos and all of that dancing so be sure to have a little kit nearby with bobby pins, a fine tooth comb, a small hair spray and anti-frizz serum.

  1. Trying something new and crazy.

Although we all want our big day to be special and completely unique, going for a style you’ve never tried before can quickly lead to disaster. If you want to wear a style you don’t normally, always go in for a test appointment so you can see what it looks like on you. Always remember that simple and elegant styles are timeless.

  1. Getting caught up in wedding clichés.

Flower crowns have certainly had their time in the spotlight but don’t let their popularity make you feel like you have to wear one. There are plenty of other ways to stay on-trend without going for a style you’re likely to regret in 10 years’ time.

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