Tan Go- Say good bye to an uneven tan!

I think I could safely say that for those of us who use tanning products our worst nightmare would be ending up with orange feet, knees or hands. And a fake tan is nothing short of a  pain in the butt if it starts coming off unevenly, leaving you with patchy skin.

I’ve been told to exfoliate before a tan and I always do, but somehow I just can’t get all the dead skin off, and almost always after a spry tan my feet are a much more intense colour than the rest of me- Oompa Loompa feet YUK!

I’ve found a little tanning tool that solves this problem all together. TanGo tan removal glove is a cute pink soft glove specifically designed to remove tanning pigment without scratching or harsh scrubbing of the skin. It has multiple uses, firstly if your tan is coming off unevenly or you are unhappy with your tan this glove will effortlessly remove it. I know first hand how hard it can be to scrub off unwanted tan marks and this glove really does make it effortless.

The second use is to exfoliate those stubborn areas before a tan. It acts as the perfect pre-tan preparation. I have been using it on my feet and knees prior to getting a tan and this avoids the orange feet scenario all together.

And the third use is as a tanning corrector. If you apply your tan and you’ve made a mistake such as forgetting to blend in a certain area or you’ve put too much in one spot, you can use the TanGo glove on that area to erase the mistake and then re-apply.

The best way to use the glove is to use it damp but not too wet. Use firm hand movements but be gentle on the face and neck.

For regular tanners the TanGo glove is an exceptional time saving tool. RRP $29.95 for stockists or to buy online CLICK HERE.