TAN FAN tanning dress…

I’m always on the look out for new and innovative ideas across the beauty industry and I simply couldn’t pass up a recent offer to try something which I think is an extremely unique idea.

TANFAN is an Australian made, custom designed dress made specifically to be worn after spray tans. I know myself it can be tricky choosing the right ensemble to wear to a spray tan. You need something you can go bra-less in, it needs to be black to avoid making marks on your clothes, and it has to be without tight edges or seams that cut in which could rub the tan off.

Tanfan have come up with the ideal solution to this tanning woe. I tried this dress last week for my spray tan appointment. The Tanfan dress is a black shirt dress which comes just above the knee. It’s lightweight cotton and has a cotton tie up belt around the waist. This is a well thought out product! It has pockets over the breasts to disguise the lack of bra, it’s button up so it was easy to get on without messing with the tan, and I could roll up the sleeves and button them up.

I wore it with a pair of black flats and it looked a lot better than my usual post tanning bra-less get up. It looked good, I could go out in public…. I met a friend for coffee, did my shopping and ran a few other errands and I felt really comfortable in the dress. It also came with a carry bag which was handy to put my bra and jewellery in once i’d taken it off.

Tanfan retails for $49.95. I would recommend this dress as a ‘must have’ for all regular spray tanners and tanning enthusiasts.

To visit the TANFAN store CLICK HERE.