Sweet Easter and The Dark Side Of Chocolate

girl-eating-chock_1349242706_460x460Ok, ok you probably don’t want to hear about how terrible chocolate can be for your health and the condition of your skin right before easter! BUT I thought I’d just weigh it up and point out the pro’s and cons of chocolate cosumption… To put it simply nothing is good in excess. So the key thing to remember is that a little bit of chocolate is fine, in fact there are some great health and skin benefits to be had from regular portion controlled chocolate fixes.


– The health benefits of chocolate only really come from dark chocolate. In fact dark chocolate that is at least 70% cocoa. All the rest is loaded up with too much milk and too much sugar.

– Chocolate has been known to reduce blood pressure.

-Dark chocolate contains Flavonoids that help to reduce the risk of blood clots and in turn reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

– Flavonoids are a potent anti-oxidant which not only fights free radicals but also helps the skin protect itself from UV rays.

– Cocoa reduces stress hormones which means less collagen breakdown and fewer wrinkles.



– Milk chocolate is loaded with fat, sugar and loooooooads of calories.

– High amounts of sugar like those found in chocolate are known to age the skin and cause breakdown of elastin.

– Excessive sugar consumption exacerbates skin conditions like rosacea and acne.

– Chocolate can trigger headaches and migranes.

– It’s high in saturated fats and bad for the waistline.


After knowing all the facts I’m still probably ( who am I kidding…not probably… definitely)  going to eat quite a few milk chocolate easter eggs over easter. After all it’s not something I do every day or even every week. The conclusion is consuming large amounts of chocolate is bad for your health, skin and waistline but indulging in a chocolate fix every now and then can be REALLY enjoyable and release some good endorphines. So enjoy your chocolate this easter but next week get back on the bandwagon, limit your chocolate consumption and opt for some good quality dark chocolate instead!