Supreme Skin Care- Glycolic Facial at Home

mesoeclat ampolles_2011I swear by regularly giving my skin a deep exfoliation and I use a gylcolic peel around once a month to keep my skin looking its best. Each time I do it I amaze my self with how much better my skin looks. More dewey skin, clearer pores, less pigmentation and less obvious fine lines. At this time of year our skin is often drier and we start to notice fine lines being exaggerated. As a regular ‘fake tanner’ I also notice my pores get really dirty after a couple of weeks of using it on my face, so my regular gylcolic facial removes all that dry flaky skin, clears out my pores and reveals the fresher brighter layer of skin beneath.

Until now these kind of strength treatments have only really been available in salon at a cost of over $100 per treatment. Yes there are a lot of products you can buy off the shelves that contain glycolic acid but slim to none of them have the strength of an in salon glycolic peel. I recently received the great news that Mesoestetic Glycolic Ampoules are now not only for professional use. Yes! that means we can get a salon quality glycolic peel at home. Mesoestetic Glycolic Ampoules contain a 10% glycolic acid and vitamin E and F. For $118 you get 10 ampoules in a pack which means 10 high quality treatments you can do at home in around 10 minutes. If there was one beauty treatment I could recommend to everyone it would be a regular deep exfoliation… The results are real. You see a difference to your skin immediately and by doing it regularly you will be keeping your skin in peak condition.

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