Supersonic Hair Styling

The Dyson Supersonic is a new breed of hair dryer. With an eye catching shape and high tech features this is a blow dryer that once you try you will never go back.

How is it different?

Dyson invested big money into the development of the Supersonic (£50 million to be exact). It has a carefully designed V9 motor which is currently the smallest, lightest and most advanced digital motor. It means that although the unit itself is incredibly powerful the supersonic is also relatively compact and lightweight.

It has a sophisticated thermostat which measures the heat 20 times per second. Where ordinary hair dryers will go up and up and up in temperature until you turn it off, the supersonic is regulated to stay at the exact temperature you choose. This means the supersonic will protect your hair and eliminate the risk of burning or damaging the hair, something other dryers can’t do.

The Dyson Supersonic is significantly quieter than any other hair dryer I’ve ever used.

The nozzles and attachments are magnetic, so they are easy to take off and to clip into place. They’re also heat controlled which keeps them cooler to the touch so you can take them off or manoeuvre them at any time without burning your fingers.


What does it feel like?

It feels a little odd to start with… Unlike a regular hair dryer most of the weight is in the handle rather than the top/body. This is because the motor is in the handle which makes it easier to hold and makes it feel much lighter.

Is it noisy?

No not at all. A lot of research went into the aero-acoustics of the Supersonic and I can honestly say this is the quietest dryer I have used.

How much does it cost?

Retail is $599 with a two year guarantee on parts and labour.

Is it worth it?

YES. At first I couldn’t see myself spending $599 on a hair dryer, however once I’d used it I knew there was no going back. This dryer is good…..really good. It makes blow drying much faster and much easier. It gives a smoother finish and eliminates more frizz. It’s much easier to handle and manoeuvre, and achieving a great blow out ( especially on yourself) is significantly easier. The smaller body and nozzle are easier to move into awkward or hard to reach angles around the head.

Since I started using the Dyson supersonic I rely much less on my straightening irons.

I now have two units- one for myself and one for my kit.

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