The Golden Rule of skin care is undoubtedly to protect your skin from the sun. Every expert I speak to says that this is the most important piece of information that everyone should abide by it . And I agree. The most effective thing you can do to prevent premature ageing is protecting your face from the sun.

On the other hand I hate being pale! I know, I know … peaches and cream and all that, but I definitely look and feel better with a bit of colour!

I have tried my fair share of sunless tanning products and it is my mission to find and share with you the least smelly, the best looking and the best feeling self tanning products.

Ella Bache sent me a few items from their Next to No Odour Tanning Range. This range has the same fantastic colour Ella Bache tanning products have always had but next to no odour.

Great Tan Without Sun $40 is a moisture rich self tanning cream. It has an instant bronzer for immediate colour and the tan develops over 1-2 hours. The fact it has no odour is fantastic! I have said before I can’t stand that weird smell that comes with some self tans but these products just smell like you are applying a very lightly scented moisturiser. It’s enriched with cocoa butter and contains Vitamin E and Green Tea extract which are great antioxidants.

Great Sunkiss $44 is a body moisturiser with a light self tan in it. I have been using it every day. It smells lovely, gives you a nice hint of colour and prolongs your tan. Once again the lack of odour makes you feel as though you are applying a normal moisturiser. I love the fact that it’s rich in moisture but feels lightweight and not sticky.

This range is definitely going to be a crowd pleaser. A tanner for the face and a Mousse tan are also available in the range. If you are looking for tanning products I’d highly recommend these!

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