Summer Proof Hair Trends

Whilst most people spend their Winter’s longing for warmer weather, I spend my days admiring my smooth, shiny locks and dreading the frizzy mess that Summer’s humidity brings. With naturally curly hair, spending half an hour straightening it every morning (in front of the fan because it is hot work), isn’t a practical solution to combat frizz because the second I step outside or begin to sweat a little, it poofs up and becomes completely unmanageable. Not to mention the baby hairs at my temples that get a lick of moisture and decide to stick out perpendicular to my head, no matter how much product I use.

My Summer hair woes are easily the reason I get so excited to spy all of the new trends coming through each year that ‘Summer proof’ your hair. From quick top knots to textured chops, elevated accessories and holy grail products; this seasons trends do not disappoint.

The Low Messy Bun – Top knots are tried a true classic but this seasons calls for a low looped bun. It works particularly well for long locks and is the perfect balance between ‘I woke up like this’ and ‘I actually put effort into my look’. Simply part your hair in the centre, bring it to a low pony and instead of pulling it all the way through your elastic, pull it half way and then tousle it up a bit.

Textured Ends – Instead of trying to fight the elements and achieve silky smooth ends, load your hair up with products that create and hold texture so you have the power to control it before nature has its way. I love Ouai’s Matte Pomade for this and sea salt sprays work perfectly as well.

Add a Scarf – Runways from New York to Paris saw the rise of hair bow’s being added to elevate everyday looks but this Summer is also seeing silk scarves being tied around top knots. The magic of this trend is that it takes a seemingly simple hairstyle, the classic top knot, and makes it a chic, holidays on the Italian Riviera inspired look. I love the range from 66 The Label but just about any high-street store will have an option for you.


The Wet Look – Kimmy K is a champion of the wet look hairstyle and has bought what was once seen as a greasy mess into the worlds of 21st century cool girls. Comb a shine serum like Moroccan Oil’s Glimmer Shine through your ends and then use a volume boosting mouse on your roots to avoid your hair looking flat. A wet look hairstyle works both worn out or pulled into a loose braid.