Summer Hair Care

Your hair needs definitely change when it comes to Summer time. There are so many new factors to take into account like sun, humidity, and swimming that mean we often need to shake up the way we look after our hair.


Being a curly haired gal I can honestly say that Summer time hair care is a pain in the backside!

Firstly the humidity wreaks havoc on my hair, no matter how much time I spend heat styling it will be frizzy within the hour when humidity is high.

Secondly I love the beach and I love swimming, but the craziness the salt water puts into my curls and the hour or two it takes to then wash and blow dry my hair afterwards is enough to keep me out of the water.

I could enter a contest for the most voluminous hair in the world and probably win (true story).

Recently my hair has grown quite a bit longer, and thankfully now when I let it dry into my natural curls it doesn’t look so bad- in fact if I use the right products, I actually like the way it looks.

Needless to say I do not need volumising hair products, nor do I need texturising products. My hair has loads of natural volume, and all curly hair has natural texture too, so using texture sprays and texturising products almost always leaves curly hair feeling dry, brittle and a little crispy.

Products you will love are-

Kemøn Actyva Disciplina Relax Fluid This beautiful product is fantastic to apply to both wet or dry hair. You can use it before blow drying your hair, or before letting it air dry to enhance shine and smooth away frizz. You can also apply it on dry hair if your ends are feeling dry or brittle.

Kemøn Disciplina Curly Cream  This is my favourite product to use on my natural curls. If I’m planning on letting my hair dry naturally I apply 2-3 walnut sized pumps of product throughout my hair. I rub it onto each curl from root to tip being careful not to break up the natural curls as I go. This will help to form smoother, softer, shiner curls, without frizz.

Joico Defy Damage Protective Masque A good treatment can make a huge difference to curly hair. It will soften and smooth the cuticle, inject loads of shine and moisture, and smooth split ends. The Defy Damage Masque from Joico is best used in the shower and left on for 2-5 minutes before rinsing. This masque also helps to stop colour fade and protect your hair against sun and heat damage.


In stark contrast to my curly hair woes, naturally straight hair often has a lack of volume during Summer. The heat and humidity can weigh down the roots and make naturally straight hair look flat and greasy. This is where volumising and texturising products are fantastic.

You will love-

Kemøn AND Dry Powder. This product is a volumising and texturising powder which works wonders on flat, oily or fine hair. It will create instant natural volume in the roots.

You can also apply this product through the ends of the hair if you need more soft volume throughout the lengths. It’s best applied by misting the powder into the roots, then using your fingers to work it in.

This powder isn’t just for volume, it’s also a great styling product. If you’ve curled or waved your hair it will not only add volume but it will make the style hold for much longer without looking stiff like hairspray. Even if you’re tying your hair up, this product can give you a soft texture instead of looking slicked, and it can also add volume and texture to your ponytail.