SUMMER: All About That Glow

It’s finally summer, and boy oh boy is it hot!

For me, one of the most important factors when wearing makeup in the summer time is looking radiant and dewy, without looking oily or sweaty. Summer 2017 is all about having that natural glow, and luckily I have found the perfect products that will do just that!

The world of highlighters keeps booming as the days go by. Personally, I don’t know how I ever liked my make up look when I didn’t highlight my face. With months of practice, I have figured out a few different combinations, with different highlighting and strobing products, which will give you, that healthy glow you desire.

The first option is, if wanting an all over the face glow is to either add some liquid highlighter, or strobing cream in with your foundation. You can either do this by applying it all over your face with your hands, evening it out, or you can mix it in so it automatically gives your foundation that extra dewiness and afterglow.

One of the best strobing gels I have used is Zoeva’s ‘Halo’. This gel literally makes you look like your glowing from within. It has quite a silvery and pearlescent undertone to it, which gives off the most natural shimmer that you could hope for.

Another way I like to use this strobing gel is by rubbing a small amount on my collarbones and in my cleavage (if it is showing in an outfit). This will automatically give your skin a healthy and lustrous appearance (I always get compliments).



If you don’t want that all over glow, then it is important to know where exactly you should be applying highlighter. An easy way to remember where to apply it, is simply reading into the name…

HIGHlighter = High points of your face.

This includes the highest part of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, cupids bow and also, as a brow bone highlight. These are the areas I usually stick to, and always seem to give me the most natural looking glow.

The three products I currently love, and can do me no wrong, are Laura Mercier’s Face Illumination in Addiction, the Nude by Nature Highlight Palette and Benefits Watt’s Up.

Laura Mercier’s Addiction is literally my addiction when it comes to highlighters. It has a yellow golden undertone and gives off a multidimensional glow. Usually I would steer clear from golden highlighters, as they don’t come off as natural, but this is the perfect shade for that ultimate summer radiance and works perfectly with tanned skin.



If you’re looking for a more 3 in 1 highlighter then the Nude By Nature highlighting palette is the one for you, and is extremely good value. The shades come in a medium toned bronze, a champagne colour and a light pearl colour. The pigmentation in the palette is really gentle but is easily buildable depending on just how natural you want that glow to be. It is the perfect everyday highlighting palette for the summer time, and the fact that it comes with three very different shades is a bonus.


Last but not least is Benefit’s Watt’s Up Highlighter, which is one of the best cream to powder highlights of 2016. This gives off the most perfect luminous sheen with its smooth applicator – making it easy for anyone to apply. I love to apply this onto my bare skin without makeup, as it adds that extra lift to my skin, and also tend to apply on the high points when my makeup is complete. It really works well both ways.


Written by Laura Harriss