Style Stalker File: Sara Sampaio

Known as one of the faces of Victoria Secret at just the age of 25, Sara Sampaio is one of the most natural angels on the runway.

Not only has she walked in the past 4 VS shows, she has walked for the likes of Balmain, Moschino, and Tommy Hilfiger during fashion week.

When it comes to looking after herself, her best advice is to ‘keep it simple’. Keep on reading to find out all her beauty and fitness secrets.


When it comes to her daily beauty routine Sara genuinely likes to follow a 3-step method, which is, cleanse, apply a dry oil and then finish with a moisturiser. She tends to keep it at that on her days off, as she likes to give her skin a break from wearing makeup. The only other length she will go to is curling her eyelashes.

In the past Sara would receive lots of different facials and beauty treatments, which actually made her skin worse, so she strongly believes less is more when it comes to your skin.


Being the Portuguese goddess that she is, she was blessed with genetically beautiful hair – although one thing she always does, is brush her hair daily as well as coating her ends in a nourishing conditioning treatment as it is super thick (jealous much!).

Would you believe hair stylists actually complain that she has too much hair? I am more than happy to take some if she likes…


Another reason to be envious of the amazing super model is that she LOVES sugar and junk food. Carbs such as pasta, bread and pizza are her go to meals.

Luckily Sampaio is very good with portion control and knows when to stop. She pairs this with personal training and pilates which she does 4/5 days a week.

So really, she is blessed with a bangin body as well, and doesn’t have to work her but off and eat salad everyday to look the way she does.

And ladies, an important piece of advice from Sara to you is, “beauty comes from the inside, there is no product that can improve you if you are not happy and healthy on the inside.” Now it’s time to practice what Sara Sampaio preaches!