Style Stalker File: Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is easily one of the most famous models of 2016 – her looks, her body and her fashion sense always seems to be on point all year round.

Whether it be her style, her favourite beauty product or workout routine, with over 68 million followers on Instagram (which at present has been deleted for the past 20 hours???WTF???) she is easily one of the most influential young women beauty and fashion enthusiasts look up to.
Before we go any further, can we please take the time to appreciate and applaud the slaying goddess on her 21st birthday last week. I doubt this image would do any justice as to just how flawless she looked in person – a style icon to say the very least.


Image from Instagram

One of Kendall Jenner’s best assets are her big brown eyes. When speaking with Byrdie Exclusives she declared that a dark-smokey eye is her go-to look when it comes to an event or party. Over the years she has figured out what shades and colours suit her eye colour and shape. This year Kendall helped Esteé Lauder curate the Edit Eyeshadow Palette, which is a mix of her favourite matte and shimmery shades.

Another simple yet very helpful tip from Kendall when it comes to clear and youthful skin is to not touch your face! A lot of us, including myself find this very hard when there’s a large pimple or dry skin patch staring at me in the mirror, but if Kendall says keeping your hands away from your face helps your skin then you can count me in! How can one simply always look so airbrushed?

Being a Victoria Secret Model, Kendall’s body is out of this world. Crazily enough though, Kendall actually hates cardio and would prefer to lift weights. In preparation for the Victoria Secret Fashion show though, Kendall has no choice other than to perform full body resistance/cardio every Monday and Thursday of every week to get that runway ready bikini body.