Style Stalker File; Georgia Fowler

Off the back of her 3rd walk down one of the most watched catwalks in the world, the Victoria’s Secret Show, Georgia Fowler is quickly becoming a model of the moment.

The New Zealand born beauty has walked runways and starred in campaigns all over the world and with that body, that hair and that skin, who could blame us for being curious as to how she keeps herself in such great condition?

It seems that no matter how much she travels across the globe or hits early morning call times, she always looks camera ready with a fresh and youthful glow.

She has shared that she keeps her makeup case compact but curated. With her hectic flight schedule, taking just the essentials makes it easier to get around. These include YSL’s Touche Eclat, Anatasia Beverley Hills Brow Pomade, Maybelline Great Lash Mascara and Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze and Glow among a few others.

The secret to her youthful look is the undone nature of her makeup. Her base is always sheer allowing her freckles to show through. “I don’t use foundation, I generally just put concealer on a spot if I have one and try to keep the rest clear otherwise I feel you can look older. I like to keep it fresh.”

She also adds a touch of dewy highlight to the very tops of her cheekbones to make them really pop. When it comes to the red carpet, she has perfected the smokey eye look but is no stranger to a sophisticated cat eye.

Georgia’s skincare routine is a lesson on minimalist routines and the perfect inspiration for gals who have a habit of overdoing it. She shared, “I try to keep it super simple, the minute I mess around, my skin goes bad.”

“For my skin, I’m a soap and water girl… or I steal whatever my sister is using! I’ll take my makeup off after a job with BIODERMA Sensibio H2O Micellar Water and when I get home I go over with a flannel to exfoliate it naturally.”

Her famous bangs have inspired more than a few to take on the French-inspired look and let their natural curls flow free. In an interview with The File, she shared, “My hair is really curly, I used to straighten it all the time. Since I’ve like stopped doing that – it feels a little more undone, a little bit cool girl. Everyone’s got straight hair in the industry, so I’ve kind of backlashed, and the quality of my hair is so much better for it.”
“When my hair was all one length, I used to have to style it and straighten it more. Now I just leave it, put a little cream in the ends, just a little moisture to stop the fly aways and then straighten the ends out.”

Probably one of the biggest aspects of Georgia’s beauty regime is her rigorous exercise schedule and commitment to eating healthy.

“I absolutely love food, but my diet always consists of clean and whole foods,” she shared with Vogue.

When it comes to exercise, she works out most days with a strong focus on strength training combined with cardio. In the lead up to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, she shared her day-to-day regime: “I work in a mix of strength and conditioning. For my super high intensity sessions, I’ll keep under an hour but make sure everything we do is quality. From there I’ll be sure to include strength training with weights as I respond very well to going heavy but making sure reps aren’t too high. I’ll also have medium intensity conditioning days that are a bit longer, 90 minutes of focused work after all my warm-up stuff to make sure we hit not just heart rate but appropriate toning in between circuits.


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