Style Stalker File – Eva Mendes

Fact: Eva Mendes is possibly the world’s sexiest woman. The actress and long-time girlfriend of Ryan Gosling just turned 42 and like a fine wine, she get’s better with age. With her iconic beauty spot and glowing complexion, Eva’s look is timeless and elegant.

Here are some of her best looks and how to achieve them.

Bed Head Hair

A textured side swept bed head look is undeniably sexy. To recreate Eva’s hairstyle, first start by rough drying your hair upside down with a round brush. This will give your hair the extra volume that it needs to pull off this look. When your hair is dry, spray with a volumising product, like Tony and Guy Glamour Sky High Dry Shampoo ($11.19) and then use a curling iron with a large tong to create bouncy waves in alternating directions. When you’ve curled your entire head, run your fingers through your hair to loosen it up and then set the look with hair spray.

Amazing Arches

Eva may have the best arches in Hollywood. Her eyebrows always manage to look natural and perfectly defined because she works with her natural brow shape, rather than trying to fight Mother Nature and create a totally different look. Another important rule that Eva follows is to tint your brows if you change your hair color. This step may not be necessary if you are only going a few shades lighter or darker, but in this case Eva choose to darken her brows to match her new chocolate brown locks. When dealing with brows its always best to see a professional, but if you would prefer to DIY try 1000 Hour Eyelash and Brow Dye Kit ($18.99).

Lower Lash Liner

Lining your lower lash line is tricky business. One false move and you could end up with raccoon eyes. When done correctly, lining your lower lash line gives you soft definition and makes your eyes appear wider. Eva always chooses a color lighter than her upper lash line as dark colors tend to look too heavy. Choose a grey or brown pencil liner that is easy to blend, like MAC Eye Kohl in Phone Number ($32.00). The most flattering way to line your lower lash line is by only lining the outer third of the lash line. After you’ve applied the liner begin to softly blend it out, making sure that most of the color is in the outer edge. A great tip is to start with your lower lash line first and continue the line up just past the beginning of your upper lash line. This creates a rough wing for a winged eyeliner look on your top lashes. All that’s left to do is to go over it with liquid liner and you’re finished!


Written by Sophie Howe.