Style Stalker File: Chloe Grace Moretz

At just 20 years of age, Chloe Grace Moretz knows a lot about beauty and looking after herself. The talented actress and model known for her roles in the Kick-Ass sequels and Neighbor’s 2 swears by leading a healthy lifestyle and taking good care of her skin.


When it comes to looking after her skin, Chloe uses up to 30 different products on her face DAILY… crazy right? This will range from stem-cell treatment to microdermabrasion and sometimes uses up to 12 different facial creams – no wonder her skin is flawless. Moretz swears by different oils. Cleansing her face with olive oil… which to me, is unheard of, but she claims to be very beneficial and gentle on the skin.

Moving onto makeup, like most actresses, Chloe likes to go bare faced on the days when she isn’t working. She believes that all you need is a little bit of shimmer, and she swears by shimmer/highlighter sticks to add a little bit of a natural glow to the face. She also carries with her an eyebrow pencil and gel, because who likes to leave the house with untouched brows? She believes that her brows need to be on fleek 24/7 and I couldn’t agree with her anymore.


Hair extensions – her ride or die component. Moretz cannot stress enough that young girls need to realise that 90% of the time celebrities are made up of artificial components that are not realistic and need to stop beating themselves up for not looking a certain way.


Chloe looks at fitness as a ‘mental obsession’ – if she doesn’t work out, then its simple… she does not feel as happy. SoulCycle is her cardio of choice and also performs yoga and pilates at least 6 times a week. It’s all about getting the adrenalin pumping and sweating out any worries you have.