Style Stalker File: Blake Lively

If you’re a massive Gossip Girl fan like myself, then Blake Lively aka Serena van der Woodsen is one of my favourite beauty and fashion icons of all time. Watching Gossip Girl on repeat, I was always so envious of those long legs and luscious blonde hair. She always seems to look on point, back in 2007, and now, 2017 (even after having 2 kids!!!).

Lets start off with the feature I love most about Blake, her hair!!!! She’s a big believer in using the correct shampoo and conditioner for her personal hair type. Constantly using heat and getting it styled can take the life out of your hair, so investing in the right shampoo and conditioner is of big importance to Blake.

Using a hair mask and leaving at least 5% in when washing it out is also one of her secret weapons. She believes this ritual leaves her hair moisturised and healthy.

When it comes to skincare, Blake tends to keep it simple. With kids comes less time, which means keeping things easy and effortless. Back in the day moisturiser wasn’t a thing for Blake, but now it’s the one thing she can’t seem to live without. She also loves to switch it up, using a lightweight moisturiser in the summer and a rich moisturiser in the colder months.

Blake is one of the lucky ones who is naturally stunning and can get away without wearing makeup. You will generally see her leave the house with a bb-cream or tinted moisturiser and tends to use a light pink lipstick, not only on her lips, but as a splash of colour on her cheeks as well.

With her latest super hero role in the Green Lantern, Blake’s body is looking more insane than ever. What’s her secret? Circuit workouts – high intensity workouts with weights, 5 days a week. Like any other workout, you have to pair hard work with a healthy diet. Blake incorporates vegetable juices and super lean proteins into her daily diet.

Written by Laura Harriss