Style Stalker File: Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande would have to be one of the most talented 23-year-old female singers in the world. Listening to her sing literally gives me goose bumps.

Not only does she have an incredible voice, she also has beautiful hair, skin and a bangin body to go with it.


Struggling with her skin throughout her teenage years, Ariana figured out that her skin works best with natural products. Her holy grail product, not only for her face, but her whole body and hair, is coconut oil.

Another tip from Grande is to ALWAYS take your makeup off before you go to bed. This will work wonders for your skin.

When it comes to makeup, Ariana’s everyday style is thick black eyeliner, which creates a cat eye effect, paired with super fluttery lashes – making her eyes look twice the size. This is the perfect look for performing on stage as it makes her eyes pop.


When I look at photos and videos of Ariana, her main feature, which makes me extremely jealous, is her thick and luscious hair. The half-up half-down high ponytail is definitely her trademark, which really has become iconic. Even though she wears the big and high ponytail style 99% of the time, she manages to make it look better then the last time she wore it.

Grande thanks her hair extensions, amazing hair stylists and a lot of hairspray for making such a simple look slay all day, everyday.


Being 5 ft 1 and tiny as ever, Ariana makes sure she is constantly on the go. Going on long hikes and constantly moving and dancing on stage in 5 inch heels are her main forms of exercise.

When it comes to her diet, she follows a vegan/plant-based diet, which has not only helped her lose weight, but maintain a healthy weight.

Fueling your body with foods such as fruit and vegetables and consuming enough nutrients is of high importance to any superstar who is constantly touring and travelling, as performing at high energy for at least 2 hours a night/day requires you to be fit and healthy. A healthy and sustainable lifestyle is key.

Written by Laura Harriss