Stop Damaging Your Hair With Hot Tools!

 Heated hair tools have become an important component in our daily beauty routines, and because we use them so often, choosing the right hair tool will save you money, time and unnecessary damage to your hair.

Are you using smart digital hair tools? You should be.

Trust me once you switch to using smart hair tools you will notice less split ends, and shinier, less frizzy hair within weeks.

Did you know that if a regular hair dryer has a max heat temp of 200°c and you use it for 20-30 minutes it gets hotter and hotter and can reach temps of up to 400°c!!! That’s a seriously damaging situation for your locks!
However, smart hair tools will regulate their temperatures multiple times every second. So if their max temp is 200°c it will stay at 200°c no matter how long you’re using it for.

Recently I started using two new hot tools from VS Sassoon that completely changed the time it takes, and the way I style my hair for the better.

VS Sasoon 5Q Brilliance High Performance Dryer

Blow drying my hair into a smooth, bouncy, Kate Middleton-esque look has never been an easy task. Being naturally curly and prone to frizz my hair has always taken aaaaaages to get dry, and once it is dry, it seems to frizz back up within the hour.

It took me a long time to realise that the secret to a smooth, frizz-free blow dry isn’t just being blessed with good hair genetics, and that in fact the hair dryer you use can dramatically change the way you style your hair.

These days hair dryers have extraordinary capabilities, and the first thing I noticed when I started using the VS Sassoon 5Q Brilliance High Performance Dryer was the amazing long lasting shine it gave my hair. 

The 5Q Brilliance High Performance Dryer has a smart digital motor, that controls heat and protects your hair while you dry it. It also has super anti-frizz technology, which enables me to style my hair faster, and achieve a smoother shinier finish than I’ve ever had before. The smart digital motor is built to last 10 x longer than your average hair dryer.

My hair really holds moisture, and if I was to let it air dry it would take all day for it to be completely dry. Even if I was to blow dry it with a standard hair dryer it would take me a good hour to dry it, but with the 5Q Brilliance Dryer my hair was dry in half the time….. A complete game changer for my beauty routine!

This hair dryer is also much quieter than the average dryer- 40% quieter in fact, and you will notice this straight away.  

VS Sassoon Straight & Curl Brilliance

I’m not going to lie, I’ve tried a LOT of hair tools in my time, and I have drawer full of them to prove it. But this hair styler is the most exciting one I’ve tried yet!

Why? It’s a curling tong and straightener in 1 clever tool. It’s finally time to clear out space in my drawer! Now all I need is this one styler + my hair dryer.

The VS Sassoon Straight & Curl Brilliance is such a fantastic idea! It’s a straightener, however the outside of the styler heats up too, allowing it to double as curling tong. 

I’d usually never use an average hair straightener to put curls in my hair for a few different reasons- They usually drop much quicker than they would if they were done with a curling tong, the curl is no where near as nice and bouncy as a tonged curl, and you quite often get flatter looking curls, with kinks in them.

BUT this tool creates poker straight hair in one pass of the plates OR beautiful bouncy curls in one twist of the heated barrel. 

It has a lock so you can lock the plates together if you prefer, when you’re using it as a curling tong, but I prefer to straighten the 2 inches of hair from my roots and curl the rest of the lengths of my hair. For me, it’s super convenient and cuts down on me having to use 2 tools (and usually getting the cords all tangled) to do the job, and I can now achieve multiple completely different looks using this one styler!

It has convenient little cool tips on the end of the styler so you can easily manoeuvre it through the hair while still protecting your fingers from the heat. The Straight & Curl Brilliance has 5 heat settings so you can choose the heat temp that suits your hair.

Honestly, this styler is a top tier curler and a top tier straightener in one handy tool!