Staying Motivated at the Gym- 5 Things Every Girl Should Read

Young Woman Exercising on a Rowing Machine1.     Find something you love!

Exercise is great, but if you’re keen to make it a lifelong habit, find an element about the gym or exercise which you really enjoy. It could be the 5pm core class, the music played to pump you up or the conversations in-between sets. If you enjoy it, you are more likely to stick to your routine as well as make exercise an enjoyable and unmissable part of your life instead of just a chore.

2.     Try new classes!

Everyone has one class or exercise that they love. However, to avoid becoming bored with your normal routine, mix it up! Challenge yourself once a month with a new class or learn a new skill. Your body will thank you for it and your confidence in the gym will also get a great boost.

3.     Free weights are friends!

There is often a misconception that doing weights will make you look like Arnie. This is simply not true and it is discouraging women from utilising weights to their full advantage! Not only do they help ‘tone’ your body, they also help encourage healthy, functional muscles and they go hand in hand with cardio training for weight loss. So whether you’re losing weight or working out for fun, grab those dumbbells!

4.     Make it social!

Bringing along friends or making new ones makes the gym more fun and defiantly adds another level of moti

vation. It could be a great bonding experience for yourself and your friends to work out together and focus on keeping yourselves happy and active at the same time. Participating in classes will also help to build new friendships as everyone is in the same boat and most will be willing to help you out if you’re ever struggling with an exercise. Not only are you looking after yourself physically but you are also benefiting your mental and social health!

5.     Ask for advice!

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, especially when it comes to exercise. Personal trainers and instructors are on hand in almost all gyms to help make sure you’re doing the exercises safely.  If you’re feeling bored with your normal routine and looking for something different, ask the staff around the gym as they will know an exercise or two that will challenge your body and keep you coming back to the gym.

6.     It’s an investment in you!

Most importantly, keeping active and healthy is an investment in you. Sure it’s tough sometimes, but overall exercise can have a positive impact on all elements of your life. The gym isn’t just another expense, it’s a place that enables you to focus on yourself and your health. It enables you to feel better, function better and focus more on everyday tasks.





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