Staying Healthy During the Work Week

Does the realness of working 9-5 hinder your healthy eating? Slip-ups during the week can leave you feeling fatigued and unable to focus. You’ll have zero energy to fit in a workout, creating a destructive cycle that stops you from being your best. A week of nutritious, clean eating can enhance your performance at work and also allow some wiggle room for indulgences over the weekend, minus the guilt.

We spoke to best selling author and healthy eating advocate Sarah Wilson to get her best tips for staying healthy during the work week.

Start cooking
Cooking is non-negotiable. When you cook you get empowered and mindful. By necessity, you cut out processed food and all the guff Big Food foists upon us. And, of course, you cut out the majority of the added sugar in your diet.

Do a big cook-up and freeze into individual portions for the week. Cooking big batches of nutritious and healthy meals on a Sunday saves time and hassle during the week.

Have a healthy breakfast
As I don’t eat breakfast until about 10am most days, breakfast is eaten in the office. And so I tote. These are some options:
– Green smoothies – which I carry in jars and drink bottles.
– I take some of my Coco Nutty Granola and yoghurt (full fat) to work in a jar.
– I’ll start with a stack of veggies (I try to aim for 3 cups per meal) and add a little protein and some healthy fats.

Choose a travel friendly lunch
I tote my lunch almost every day. I freeze kale or spinach (parcooked) and add some frozen peas and place in a cup. I put two eggs (uncracked) on top and cover with plastic. Then tote to work, crack the eggs, stir, microwave for 2 minutes to make a muggin. I put leftover soups and bone broth in jars and old vitamin containers and freeze them. This way they don’t spill or leak in my bag as I’m tote-ing. They defrost (in the fridge) during the morning, and they’re ready for heating at lunch time.

Deal with 3pm sugar cravings
Do this: put a slice of halloumi in a sandwich press at work or home, cook and eat as an afternoon snack instead of a muffin or chocolate bar. Why? The good, healthy fat will tell your brain it’s full within about 5 minutes. Or drink licorice tea…it tastes sweet and it actually curbs sugar cravings on the spot!
I tend to avoid snacking. I find 2-3 proper meals a day is the best way to go. Snacking doesn’t allow the digestion to rest and most snack foods are not densely nutritious.

If I do snack, it’ll be a handful of nuts. Or I’ll eat some apple slices with cheese. Or a tablespoon of nut butter.