St Tropez Tan Perfection!

I have recently come accross not just one but two products from St Tropez that have REALLY impressed me. Whilst on set shooting for Swimwear label ‘ We Are Handsome’ I was given St Tropez Wash Off Instant  Glow Mousse to use on the model to give her a summery tan. To avoid the model having to get a spray tan but still look amazingly bronzed this product was ideal. I used the applicator mitt which ensures a perfectly even application. The product dried straight away  and didn’t get even a smidge on the garments. When she was finished the shoot the model Craly could go home, shower and the tan washes off! Perfect for those of you not wanting to get a fake tan but look lovely and tanned for a party or event. Best of all it looked completely natural! I’m definitely keeping this one in the kit incase I come across pasty winter legs!!

In my own personal toiletry bag is the next product I am completely obsessed with! This one’s not going in the kit, this one is for me! Its St Tropez Bronzing Mousse, a self tan that is REALLY easy to apply, a beautiful colour and streak free. I do a full body application about every 3 days, the mousse texture is lightweight and gives you instant colour that develops into a beautiful golden glow. I also use this on my face…

Renowned as being the masters of self tanning, I would have to agree that St Tropez deserve that reputation!

St Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Mousse RRP $34.95 120ml

St Tropez Bronzing Mousse Self Tan RRP $39.95 120ml

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