Soothing Skin Care For Dry Sensitive Skin

Dry itchy skin isn’t just a result of the cold Winter air. For some it’s a constant concern.

Eczema, allergies or simply sensitivity can cause the skin to become overly dry and irritated. And often people who suffer with this concern are also extremely sensitive to most types of skin care.

I’ve suffered from bouts of itchy skin myself, and trust me, it get’s really annoying! It sometimes keeps me awake at night with an itch that would drive anyone insane!

You’d think that slathering your skin in moisturiser would be the simple solution, but more often than not, when the skin reaches that point, it’s extremely sensitised and can barely tolerate anything at all.

Finding a solution calls for both knowledge and caution. You need to avoid heavy fragrances, strong ingredients like essential oils and other harsh additives.

The Atoderm range from Bioderma not only soothes very dry and very sensitive skin, but it also helps to rebuild the skins protective barrier.

By repairing and strengthening the dermis it will treat the problem, and help to prevent it ever coming back.

The Atoderm range is also fragrance free, paraben free, soap free and hypoallergenic.

It’s very rare to find a cream that is so gentle it can be used on this type of skin. In fact, the Atoderm range can be used on babies too.


Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Balm can be used for both the face and body and is available in a handy 500ml pump pack.

It’s a lightweight cream, that instantly stops itching and soothes the skin.

The Atoderm Ultra Repair Hand Cream is a hand bag must have for dry skin sufferers. It works to repair and sooth dry damaged hands and nails without leaving a thick residue.

Bioderma Atoderm Restorative Lip Balm is a nourishing treatment for dry, chapped or damaged lips.

This lip balm is a beautiful lightweight gel/balm formula and is also great for everyday use.


The Atoderm range is beautifully formulated and will bring relief to many people suffering with dry, itchy skin.


All three of these products are available in store as of June 1 at Priceline stores & Priceline Pharmacies, Terry White Chemists and selected independent pharmacies.