Small Things Make a BIG Difference- The Most Effective Way to Exercise


By Blake Worrall-Thompson, Celebrity Trainer and founder 6 Weeks to Sexy

Recently I have put one of my 6 Weeks to Sexy girls through the paces to determine how high her heart rate gets when she does certain exercises.

There was a massive difference between her doing “arm” exercises and incorporating arms and legs in the same exercises or even just legs. To see the best results it’s ideal that MOST of her workout (about 80%) is built around the three major muscle groups – chest, legs and back. Working these muscles groups at the right intensity is what will get the heart rate up and they are the muscle groups that are going to help burn SERIOUS fat.

To give you an example when my girl was doing a certain lunge (Bulgarian), her heart rate reached 178 as opposed to when she was doing dips (great exercise for toning her arms), but her heart rate only reached 120.

Can you imagine how much more revved up you’ll get the metabolic rate if you are doing more legs, back and chest exercises as opposed to small muscle groups – it’s completely different!

So next time you are hitting the gym or exercising in the great outdoors, think about working your legs, back and arm muscle groups and wear a heart rate monitor to ensure you are working at the right intensity. To calculate what your heart rate should be, take 220 minus your age and you should be working at 75 per cent of that total.

For example if you are 25 years old, minus that from 220, which is equal to 195.

75 per cent of 195, means your heart rate should be around 146 to be working at a high intensity enough to burn serious fat.

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Good luck!