Skincare’s Latest Vitamin Hero

Do you remember being told that you had to eat your fruits and veges because they fed you the vitamins you need to grow big and strong? Well, whether you believed it then or not, I’m telling you now that vitamins and minerals play a HUGE role in our bodies healthy function.

But as important as it is to eat your vitamins, it’s just as beneficial to be wearing them as well. Skincare brands are continuing to pioneer new technology, ingredients and discovering new ways to use old products. These days, you’re unlikely to buy a skincare product that doesn’t boast some kind of vitamin content offering benefits to your skin. And, as we become pickier as consumers and are demanding to be able to specifically choose what we’re putting on our faces, brands are promoting products that focus on the use and benefits of a single vitamin or vitamin compound (generally paired with a few other ingredients).

There’s plenty of vitamins that should be essentials in everyone’s routine but there’s one in particular that’s had a lot of attention as of late as a skincare hero: Vitamin C. It feels like every second skincare brand has created a product that uses the vitamin to brighten your complexion and even out your skin tone and you’ll hear no complaints from me about it.

Also known as Ascorbic Acid or L-Ascorbic Acid, vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that promotes cell-turnover and the production of collagen in your skin. It can help to fade pigmentation and sun damage and helps to fight the signs of ageing (win, win, win!).

It comes in multiple forms including liquid, powder or crystal. Liquid serums and creams are the most common but powders can be great for mixing with other serums in your routine to give your skin an extra boost.

It’s worth noting that vitamin C can be really unstable and oxidises when it comes into contact with light and oxygen. It’s because of this that you shouldn’t just buy any product that claims to give you the benefits of vitamin C without researching it a little. Pay attention to the packaging as well. It should be in air tight containers that are either solid colours or amber glass (i.e. no clear containers!).

Some of my favourites…

SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic

A quick google search will return hundreds of loyal users of SkinCeuticals’ CE Ferulic, many beauty editors’ included. It’s blend of vitamin C in the form of L-ascorbic acid (which FYI, helps to prevent moisture loss in your skin compared to other forms of the vitamin), vitamin E and ferulic acid creates an antioxidant powerhouse that reduces fine lines, evens skins texture and tone, protects against and works to reverse sun damage and brightens the complexion overall. After about a week and a half of using it every morning, I’m hooked. It’s pricey compared to other options but it’s worth it. The serum goes on like a dream and absorbs nicely into my skin leaving it feeling plump, hydrated and yes, I already feel a little brighter.

endota new age Super C Firming Serum

I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from endota’s new age range so far, and this serum is no different. It boasts encapsulated vitamin C (meaning it’s a stabilised form), sodium hyaluronate for a mega boost of hydration and ferulic acid. It’s a really potent and active formula and is definitely the most hydrating vitamin C serum I’ve tried. I haven’t been using it long enough to see the full potential of its results but if it lives up to its reputation, my skin will feel more plump, firmer, brighter and hyperpigmentation will be a thing of the past.

The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA spheres 2%

The Ordinary’s range is always a great idea for the budget conscious. This was the first vitamin C option I was using and was a great choice to be able to see how my skin reacted without having to invest in the pricier options. This particular formula is between a serum and cream in consistency and is a little gritty in texture. The vitamin C is in the form of a fine L-ascorbic acid powder and is paired with hyaluronic acid for hydration. The grittiness comes from the use of the powder and because of the highly effective and potent form, it can leave you feeling a little tingly for a minute after applying it. If you can’t stand the thought of the grittiness, you can also get a version that is suspended in silicone to give it a smooth feel.

Skinstitut Vitamin C 100%

This vitamin C product comes in the form of L-ascorbic powder at 100% purity and concentration. It’s a powder that basically allows you to give any of your other serums or moisturiser a boost of antioxidant power. You can expect a similar grittiness to The Ordinary’s product once you mix it in but the fact that it’s at 100% concentrate and is crazy affordable makes it a must have to fight the signs of ageing and sun damage.