After a lot of requests from women worried about acne scarring I got in contact with Simon the creator of the website to get an expert opinion. Here is his fantastic advice.
Some of The Best Treatments for Minimizing Acne Scars
Firstly, if you are suffering from mild to moderate acne scars, there is every chance that in time they will dissapear on their own or with the use of over the counter medications. This is great news for lesser sufferers.
However, if you are suffering from a more severe level of acne scarring and are at wits end on how to deal with it read on.
An absolute golden rule for acne sufferers.
DO NOT – pick, scrape or squeeze any acne or pimples and definitely do not pick any scabs that have formed. There will already be acne lesions, caused by trauma to the skin. By picking the scabs, not only will you significantly extend healing times but you could do far more cosmetic damage to you skin.
So where does that leave you?
If you already have the scars, they aren’t mild and you wan’t rid of them. Well here’s the quick method(s)
Firstly we have laser treatment. While not %100 gauranteed effective, it does boast some high sucess rates but can cost several thousand dollars in the process. Healing times can be fairly quick but that doesn’t mean to say you won’t get more acne and possibly scars in the future.
Next we have dermabrasion. It can seem quite barbaric and is only to be carried out by professionals. Metal brushes are used to scrape away the scar tissue from the top layers of skin. Healing time can be several weeks or months depending on severity.
Microdermabrasion is the more gentle version of dermabrasion. This technique uses a hand held device that touches the surface of the skin and blasts it with tiny crystals, these are simultaneously sucked up along with removed dead skin. Healing times are very quick, with little more than some redness. However, some individuals will need to re visit more than once. This can rack up the cost. There are home kits for micodermabrasion but there is added risk without the help of a skin care professional at hand.
Lastly, we have chemical peels. These should be left strictly in the hands of professionals. The result can be good. A mixture of chemicals is applied to the face, this takes of the top layer of skin and helps level out scarring.
What has been described above are the four most well known types of treatment for acne scars.
If any or all of these sound either, to pricey or just to damn scary panic not. There are some extremely good skin products on the market such as Zenmed or Revitol, that will do just as well at treating and removing acne scars, the only downside is the time you will have to wait for the treatment to become effective.
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