SKIN SAVIOURS- Soothe and Repair Damaged Skin

I’m no stranger to skin that needs repair…. At least once a year I have a Fraxel treatment to keep my skin radiant and pigmentation free. Fraxel leaves my skin feeling amazing, but it does take 4-5 days post treatment for my skin to heal. I’m also prone to dry cracked heels, chapped lips and very dry scratchy hands.

There are loads of products on the market aimed at treating damaged skin on all areas of the body, but a lot of them only offer a quick fix and not a long lasting solution.

I regularly need the help of this type of product, and consequently I have a list of the very best products to effectively treat damaged skin.

Here are my top picks!



As you know I love my regular Fraxel treatments and my facial peels. After these treatments for several days the skin is very dry, very flaky and slightly red.

It’s wise to use a product that will speed up healing time and also reduce the appearance of that horrid flaky skin you get after this type of treatment.

Bioderma Cicabio Creme

Bioderma Cicabio Creme is such a handy cream to have around the house. It’s completely family friendly and can be used on adults and children of all ages.

It’s a soothing and repairing cream for mild to moderate skin damage and lesions. It’s ingredients are supremely pure and mild, ensuring the skin won’t react with it.

It’s fabulous for use after  Fraxel, IPL, laser hair removal, mild skin burns, facial peels, microdermabrasion, and any other incident where the skin has become broken, burned or irritated.

Cicabio Creme is fragrance free, hypoallergenic, non comedogenic, and paraben free. It contains a combination of Resveratrol, Copper and Cantella Asiatica which promotes epidermal restoration, hydration and soothing. It relieves the urge to scratch and prevents bacteria growth.

This one is a skin saviour for the whole family!

Available online HERE 40ml, $15.99, and will be available in Priceline in September.

Bioderma Cicabio Pommade

This one has similar healing abilities to the cream, but it’s in an ointment form.

It’s fantastic for chapping, scars, post dermal surgeries (stitches etc), cuts, burns, eczema, dermatitis and mosquito bites.

And god it feels good on my face after I’ve had Fraxel!  It creates a soothing and protective film over the skin, and it reduces the awful appearance of dry flaking skin significantly.

This one also has excellent tolerance and is safe for children.

Available online HERE, 40ml, $17.99



I currently have heels so dry and cracked they’re starting to sting. It’s awful. I don’t know how or why ( however I do suspect it’s something to do with walking around in flip flops in Europe for the past few weeks…) but I need to address it before it gets worse.

In the past I’ve used the Skin Republic Foot Peel, and it has worked really well.

Inside the pack are two serum filled plastic socks you place your feet in for 40 minutes. The serum inside is a combination of light acids which work to exfoliate excessive dead skin build up on the feet. After the 40 minute treatment your feet still look the same, but over the course of the next week a lot of skin flakes and peels off, eventually leaving you with smooth, hydrated looking feet.

Warning: It looks really awful a few days after you’ve done the treatment and your whole foot begins to shed skin. Best keep this treatment to the Winter or a time when you know you’ll be wearing closed in shoes!

Scholl Gold Heel Balm

If you’re prone to getting cracked heels it’s wise to use a heel balm regularly as prevention. The Scholl Gold Heel Balm is a non greasy, clinically proven heel balm designed to repair and relieve rough, dry and cracked skin.

Bioderma Atoderm Lip Balm 

Bioderma Atoderm Lip Balm is a non greasy balm that feels cooling and soothing on damaged lips. This one doesn’t just add a protective coating to the lips like other lip balms do,  it also seems to work really quickly at healing chapped lips.

MAC Lip Scrubtious

There’s nothing worse than applying lipstick on top of dry flaky lips! These new MAC sugar based lip scrubs are very handy to keep with you during Winter. If your lips get dry and cracked , exfoliate them with one of these scrubs and you will have smooth, full lips in no time. Available in five flavours including Candied Nectar, Fruit of Passion, Summer Berry, Sweet Brown Sugar and Sweet Vanilla.




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Photo: Bonnie Cee

Hair and Make-Up: Bonnie G Oz Beauty Expert