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Sometimes even a good exfoliation just isn’t enough to give my skin the refresh I’m after.
Don’t get me wrong, I love a good exfoliation, it’s an essential part of my regular skin care routine but as we get older we often need a higher level of rejuvenation for our face. And when it comes to rejuvenating and refreshing the face only a good plastic surgery clinic has the skills, resources, and expertly trained eye to deliver the best treatment possible. A good plastic surgeon will be your ‘go to’ man for anything anti-aging that actually works.
There are a million treatments out there that promise to refresh, rejuvenate and rid you of wrinkles and saggy skin, but in reality only a handful of them actually work.
If you’d rather invest in treatments that will get you real results, try looking toward a good plastic surgery clinic instead of your local beauty salon. A good plastic surgeon won’t represent or vouch for anything that doesn’t do what it promises.
I found exactly that with Dr Jack Zoumaras at Artiste Plastic Surgery in Darling Point. Not only was Dr Zoumaras lovely, he knew exactly what I meant when I explained my skin concerns and he knew exactly how to rectify the problem.
I’d been traveling a lot, and was about to head off again on a tropical island holiday but I felt like my skin was dull and my fine lines were standing out. I wanted to feel fresh and get rid of my ‘winter face’.

Skin firming and wrinkle busting please!!!
I asked Dr Zoumaras about the top options for a skin refresh for those aged in their late 20’s and 30’s and what treatments are current celebrity favourites.


“In the younger patient (20’s & 30’s), facial ageing is usually limited to the skin and occasional fat areas of the lower eyelid causing dark circles around the eye.

Treatments for this include anti-wrinkle (Botox) injections, fillers (Hyaluronic acid), dermabrasion, chemical peels, laser and skin tightening with ultrasound (Ulthera) and radiofrequency (Thermage) devices.” Says Dr Zoumaras.

In your 20’s…

“For a patient in their 20’s anti-wrinkle injections and fillers are used to eliminate facial wrinkles around the eye, between the eyes and forehead region. Together with fillers in the cheek, and lower eyelid area, this can reduce the signs of ageing in the younger patient. ”

In your 30’s…

“For those in their 30’s, chemical peels and laser re-surfacing are useful modalities for the skin to treat blemishes, age spots and fine lines. These modalities tighten the skin by causing selective thermal or chemical injury to the skin to encourage new collagen growth. Ulthera and Thermage can tighten the skin to define a jaw line and aid in the wrinkle treatment of the face.

In the right patient, a facelift can be performed in this age-group, to tighten the skin.”

What are the celebs doing?

“Trending with Celebrities are the non surgical skin tightening treatments such as Ulthera or Thermage which uses ultrasound or radiofrequency waves, respectively, to cause new collagen formation. Both treatments are one off treatments that last 12 months.

Facelifts are also performed quite regularly on celebrities, although more often than not, it’s a procedure that they will deny having.” Said Dr Zoumaras.

I’ve heard that Ulthera is a favourite of Kim Kardashian and that the results are amazing, so that’s definitely at the top of my wish list.

If you’re in Sydney and after a skin refresh Dr Jack Zoumaras offers all the best non-surgical and surgical options and comes highly recommended from  me.

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