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Every year Australian women spend in excess of $8.0 Billion on beauty. Skin care, make-up, cosmetic procedures, hair removal, and facials are just some of the things in the list of what we like to spend our cash on in order to look beautiful. Yet how much of this is actually spent on beauty that will give us results? And how much is spent on ‘fluffy’ products that look pretty and smell nice but don’t actually do anything? I’d put money on the fact that most of us are spending on products that don’t actually work, that we’re sold by glossy images of supermodels and pretty packaging. So how do we know what is really going to work for our skin? How do we know who to believe?

Having a skin expert who has the knowledge and expertise to give you the treatments and advice that will make  you look your best can be life changing! I think finding that skin expert you can really trust can be tricky, and like you would a good hairdresser, when you find them hang on to them! Having a skin expert as a point of call for all your skin questions and concerns will in the long run save you time and stop you wasting money on treatments and products that aren’t right for you. Earlier in the year I started visiting The Clinic in Bondi Junction, after my first consult I went for a treatment of Fraxel and the results were phenomenal! My skin hadn’t looked so good for as long as I could remember. My sun damage was dramatically improved, fine lines reduced and my skin looked firm and even. As my first experience with Kaye and Lisa at The Clinic was such a success, since then I’ve been back regularly. My skin has been looking and feeling great and now I get all my potent cosmeceutical skin care from them too – Cosmedix, Aspect and Kaye and Lisa’s very own product ‘The Moisturiser’ which just launched last month. Each time I visit The Clinic the atmosphere is warm and caring and I have complete trust in Kaye and Lisa that they are only going to give me the best in treatments, products and advice.


Kaye Scott and Lisa Sullivan -Smith

Kaye Scott and Lisa-Sullivan Smith founders of The Clinic are both from a nursing background and work with Dr Carolyn Lechowicz to give patients the very best in products and procedures. Kaye specialises in skin treatments for acne, pigmentation, hormonal problems, sun damage, rosacea, melasma and has a passion for creating treatment programs to achieve the best skin possible. Lisa specialises in advanced non-surgical cosmetic procedures using cosmetic injectables like muscle relaxants and dermal fillers. Lisa says that ‘Anyone can inject, but not everyone can create the aesthetic ideal’. I couldn’t agree more, when dealing with treatments that can alter your appearance you want to know that you are in the very best hands.

The Clinic moisturiser

The Moisturiser $80 available HERE

Kaye and Lisa have recently used their expertise and passion to develop their first skin care product ‘The Moisturiser’. A culmination of 15 years of treating skin concerns Kaye and Lisa were firm on avoiding any unnecessary harsh chemicals and using the very best potent and active ingredients that even sensitive skins will love. ‘When it comes to skin care, I’m proud to say that we know what we’re talking about, and we have created a highly developed and proven hydrating cream that embodies everything the skin loves’ Kaye says. With Peptides, Sea Buckthorn and Plant Stem Cells The Moisturiser is a beautiful cream that is easily absorbed and leaves the skin feeling great.

I’ve been using ‘The Moisturiser’ for a month or so now and I am really loving it yet I was wondering why I was going through it so quickly…. Until my husband casually mentioned he’d been using it twice a day “I love it” he says… Thats fine, glad he’s found something he likes and doesn’t find too ‘girly’. Now I just have to find a good hiding spot….

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